Buzzfeed’s 11 Reasons Hungry Stomachs Need to Come to Baltimore

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You see these “lists” all the time. Top places to eat and drink in tons of cities. And when they focus on Baltimore, I am sometimes confused. Sometimes I say things to my computer screen like….”Noooooo. They got this all wrong. They clearly don’t live here…who is this person?”
Blah blah blah.

Well, this list got a lot of it right. For example, Peter’s Inn has long been one of my most favorite places to eat in town. Bud and Karen Tiffany 100% know what they’re doing. That steak and mashed potatoes? Killer. And the BLT on Saturday mornings…the best.  Woodberry Kitchen is also one of my top choices – they support local farms, have the nice, but not too fancy thing down and the cocktails are some of the best around – and the CMP dessert makes me actually order dessert. Bryan Voltaggio’s Aggio is a new spot – in a weird location – but my first visit was excellent and I can’t wait to go back.

Also mentioned are Wit & Wisdom, Stuggy’s Hot Dogs, Faidley’s, Iggie’s, Hersh’s and of course, Old Bay, among others.

What do you think is missing as a reason to come to Baltimore to eat?

Here are just a few delicious dishes I’ve enjoyed recently around Charm City…


Corn Cappellacci at Aggio


Stuggy’s Crab and Mac n Cheese Dog


BLT from Peter’s Inn


CMP at Woodberry
(Brown butter ice cream, hot fudge, toasted
marshmallow, wet peanuts – holy schmoly)
Photo: Sarah Malphrus

Amy Langrehr

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