Weekend Events Calendar: Baltimore Comedy Festival, Fiesta Del Sol, Footloose Dance Party, BeatMarket

The Baltimore Summer Antiques Show is in town. Photo via Facebook.

Labor Day Weekend has arrived. It may feel like the finish line to the summer is approaching, but there are plenty of happenings to keep the good vibes coming. The weekend gets off to a roaring start with a food truck rally and Bike Party. For those who aren’t heading to the beach, sample the Baltimore Comedy Festival, peruse the Summer Antiques Show or try out the new BeatMarket.

Event Pick: Celebrate Sound Garden’s 25th with a double feature of record store movies


In the age of iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, a large retail space dedicated to physical music feels like an anachronism. And yet that’s just what we have in the Sound Garden, the Fells Point record store now celebrating its 25th year in business. During a tumultuous time for record stores, Sound Garden has adapted, bringing DVDs and Blu-Rays into the fold and growing its selection of vinyl as the format has come back in full force.

Event pick: B. Willow helps you with your bellyache

Image via Wikimedia Commons

While Tums and Pepto Bismol may be among the most popular bellyache remedies found in modern American medicine cabinets, civilizations dating back millennia found their own herbal fixes for indigestion and other stomach problems through careful study (and lots of trial and error, surely).

Event pick: The Parkway screens ‘Alice,’ a dark, stop motion puppetry-filled adaptation of Carroll’s classic tale

Still from “Alice,” via IMDB

Disney’s 1951 classic “Alice in Wonderland” was plenty strange on its own, presenting a twisted, but vibrant and somewhat sweet take on Lewis Carroll’s tale of the little girl who falls down the rabbit hole.

Event Pick: Antonio McAfee’s latest show reinterpreting African-American portraiture opens in Station North

Image via Facebook, courtesy of Antonio McAfee/ICA Gallery

It was 118 years ago that black sociological pioneers W.E.B. DuBois and Thomas Calloway presented a new face for the African-American to the world, showcasing a series of studio portraits of the black middle class from Georgia at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair. In the 21st century, local photographer Antonio McAfee is putting a new face on their time-honored work here in Baltimore through a series of transformations—first through colored holograms, and now through abstract collage.

Event Pick: Have some drinks to celebrate Baltimore’s sister city Rotterdam

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Maybe you knew that Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, is one of Baltimore’s sister cities, but did you know just how similar they are? They “have approximately the same geographical and population size.

Event Pick: Welcome back the fixed-up Charles Village Pub

The inside of Charles Village Pub. Image via Facebook.

If you think you missed Charles Village Pub during its three-month-plus hiatus, know this: CVP missed you, too.

Event Pick: Eat donuts for dinner, because Vegan Restaurant Week

Image via Donut Alliance’s Instagram.

Donuts are thought of as a thing you eat in the morning. Most famously, the bleary-eyed Dunkin’ Donuts mascot “Fred the Baker” got up early in the morning because it was “time to make” the delicious confection.

Tonight, though, the Donut Alliance in Beverly Hills is bucking convention to serve its small-batch vegan donuts in the evening.