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Event Pick: An exhibition of fantastical taxidermied creatures at the Walters

A taxidermied flying squirrel drone, made by La Grotesquerie. Photo via Baltimore Taxidermy Open/Facebook.

Whether or not you like looking at preserved animal corpses–be they recreations of the family cat, a small mammal that was never meant to have antlers or the more traditional mounted moose head on the wall–you can admit it’s sometimes hard to look away. The Taxidermy Open, now in its fourth year at the Walters Art Museum, beckons you to embrace that strange fascination with all things dead and stuffed.

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Event Pick: Take your pick of standup shows for the second Baltimore Comedy Festival

Flyer via Baltimore Comedy Festival

When we talked with Baltimore comedian Ivan Martin in April, he was busy putting together an opportunity for the city’s comics to shine on one of Kevin Hart’s cable-televised showcases. At the time, Martin said part of the reason he thought Hart would even bother stopping through Baltimore was the growth he’d seen in Baltimore’s standup scene over the last decade or so: “When it comes to downtown Baltimore and Station North and Mount Vernon, you can get on stage every single night now.”

Martin has helped make that a reality as an organizer of events showcasing fellow local comics. One of his biggest undertakings has been the city’s very own comedy festival. Now in its second year, the weekend-long event features a host of standup shows across the city.

Weekend Events Calendar: Baltimore Comedy Festival, Fiesta Del Sol, Footloose Dance Party, BeatMarket

The Baltimore Summer Antiques Show is in town. Photo via Facebook.

Labor Day Weekend has arrived. It may feel like the finish line to the summer is approaching, but there are plenty of happenings to keep the good vibes coming. The weekend gets off to a roaring start with a food truck rally and Bike Party. For those who aren’t heading to the beach, sample the Baltimore Comedy Festival, peruse the Summer Antiques Show or try out the new BeatMarket.

Event Pick: Celebrate Sound Garden’s 25th with a double feature of record store movies


In the age of iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, a large retail space dedicated to physical music feels like an anachronism. And yet that’s just what we have in the Sound Garden, the Fells Point record store now celebrating its 25th year in business. During a tumultuous time for record stores, Sound Garden has adapted, bringing DVDs and Blu-Rays into the fold and growing its selection of vinyl as the format has come back in full force.

Event pick: B. Willow helps you with your bellyache

Image via Wikimedia Commons

While Tums and Pepto Bismol may be among the most popular bellyache remedies found in modern American medicine cabinets, civilizations dating back millennia found their own herbal fixes for indigestion and other stomach problems through careful study (and lots of trial and error, surely).

Event pick: The Parkway screens ‘Alice,’ a dark, stop motion puppetry-filled adaptation of Carroll’s classic tale

Still from “Alice,” via IMDB

Disney’s 1951 classic “Alice in Wonderland” was plenty strange on its own, presenting a twisted, but vibrant and somewhat sweet take on Lewis Carroll’s tale of the little girl who falls down the rabbit hole.