Neighborhood Spotlight

Neighborhood Spotlight: Historic Charm, Bustling Businesses and More Near UMB


Hollins Market

From the historic charm and elegant homes of Union Square to Pigtown’s happening Main Street, the neighborhoods around the University of Maryland, Baltimore offer lots to do and a little something for everyone.

“The people are first,” said Tony Scott, who has lived in Union Square for three years, when asked about what he loves about his neighborhood. “It’s one of those unique pockets of Baltimore, where there is ethnic and economic diversity and people from all walks of life.”

Neighborhood Spotlight: Businesses Thrive and Community Flourishes in Hampden


Hampden Baltimore MD

When you ask merchants and residents of Hampden what makes their neighborhood a great place to open a business, grow a family or just to live day-to-day, the answer is always the same.

“It’s a unique blend of artists, working class people, general Baltimore weirdos and business owners all mixing together with new residents and visitors,” said Benn Ray, co-owner of Atomic Books on Falls Road and president of the Hampden Village Merchants Association, a group of about 150 merchants that promote the neighborhood’s business interests. “[Hampden] is a neighborhood with a lot of character and community.”

Neighborhood Spotlight: Family-Friendly Homeland Draws Landscape, Architecture Enthusiasts


Homeland Caretaker House

When Brian Hammock and his wife found out in 2014 that their family would grow from two children to three, the couple knew they’d be needing a little more space than the 1,500-square-foot Lake Evesham home they had lived in for seven years. The family considered moving out of the city, but after some searching they found the perfect upgrade  — a larger, 2,200 square foot home just a mile south in the historic Homeland neighborhood.

“We felt like we could get a home that really had some character at a better price than outside of the city,” Hammock said. “You just can’t find 22-inch stone walls anywhere else.”

Neighborhood Spotlight: Live, Learn, Work and Play in Eager Park


Eager Park

When Charles Aloe bought his home in Eager Park in 2015, he moved to the neighborhood formerly known as Middle East with the knowledge it was an area considered to be on the rise. However, what really sold the Baltimore transplant on the home was the affordability of such a large, newly-renovated rowhome for a fraction of the price of the home he previously purchased in Little Italy, he said.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Abell – the “Painted Lady” Neighborhood of Charm City


Abell Neighborhood Baltimore

Named in honor of Baltimore Sun founder A.S. Abell and the avenue that bears his name, the Abell neighborhood in North Baltimore comprises nine square blocks in the heart of Baltimore. Known for its vibrantly colored “Painted Lady” row houses, the area is almost entirely residential leading to an active, close-knit community that makes Abell one of Charm City’s most charming neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Highlandtown – Diversity, dining, and the arts make it a popular choice for Baltimoreans


Highlandtown mural

From attending festivals at Patterson Park to eating at the latest ethnic eatery to open on Eastern Avenue, Highlandtown residents have so many reasons to love city life. The Southeast Baltimore neighborhood has welcomed immigrants since 1866 and remains a welcoming neighborhood for new residents today. Originally settled by Irish, German, Polish and Italian immigrants, the area now hosts a mix of ethnicities, including longtime residents and a recent wave of Hispanic and African residents. The neighborhood is also home to the largest arts district in Maryland—the Highlandtown Arts & Entertainment District — and boasts its fair share of galleries, artist studios, murals and arts and cultural activities.