An important part of the Chanukah tradition is to serve foods fried in oil, which symbolizes a great miracle.

Faith Wolf, whom many may recognize from her Cooking with Faith classes, invites us in to her home as she bakes sufganiyot, a round, fluffy jelly doughnut and traditional Chanukah favorite.

With step-by-step instructions during her cooking demo, Faith also shares stories of growing up in Brooklyn, NY, a half block down the street from her grandparents.

“I would visit with my grandparents almost every day. I spent a fair amount of time in my grandmother’s kitchen which was pepto bismol pink. She would produce enormous quantities of any kind of food you could imagine,” shares Faith.

“And I remember playing dreidel with my Zayde. The older I get, the more the childhood memories evoke warm feelings.”

Today, Faith looks forward to celebrating with her children and grandchildren, passing on her family traditions and creating new ones together.

Click here for baking video and recipe.

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