Photo via Clementine/Facebook
Photo via Clementine/Facebook

Clementine didn’t disappear completely after the Hamilton restaurant closed last year. Now, the owners are looking to reopen, with a few changes.

The much-loved restaurant closed in August, 2015, as the owners decided to focus on the catering portion of the business. Now they intend to return. Blick posted a GoFundMe looking to crowdfund some of the money to reopen.

“A year and some later, we’ve come to realize, that this was not the right decision and we are attempting to re-open Clementine as a restaurant with a few changes and additions to better serve the community,” Chef Winston Blick writes.

The restaurant went through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April, and is looking to change things up. The remade space would be more of a “gastropub” with small plates and a relaxed atmosphere. They will also extend nighttime hours. Blick writes that they intend to expand the bar offerings, and update the bar itself. The meat will still be intact, with housemade sausage, bacon and charcuterie returning.  The pub will be in the area of the building where the bar is located, while the other side will be a craft beer, wine and spirits shop. The campaign is seeking $40,000.

“Above all, we’re an anchor in a neighborhood that needs folks that care enough and are willing to stick it out and see our little village reach its full potential,” Blick writes.

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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