For Jordan Halle, Father’s Day is an anchor point. It’s a chance to not only turn on the grill, which we will get to in a moment, but it’s an opportunity for family to get together to create new, cherished memories.

That’s why we met with Jordan at his home in Owings Mills to talk about all things Father’s Day, family and, of course, burgers.

“People like to knock on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day as a Hallmark Holiday,” Jordan says to us while preparing burgers, Halle style. “There might be some truth to it, but it’s a nice point in time in the summer for the family to come together.”

Family is important to Jordan and his wife Jessica, both of whom serve on the board in The Associated’s Young Adult Division (YAD) and who also co-chair The Associated’s Ben-Gurion society.

Jordan recalls past Father’s Days with his dad, Bernie Halle, and how they often had a big sport component.

“My dad is a big sports fan,” Jordan recalls as he whips up a chipotle sauce for the soon-to-be-made burgers. “Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Colts – you name it.”

When Jordan and Jessica welcomed their son, Myles, into the world two years ago, the typical Halle Father’s Day expanded just a little bit.

“Last year on Father’s Day we took Myles to his first Orioles game. It was me, Myles and my dad, which was really cool. It was three generations of Halle.”

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