Natasha Baum began her Jewish Baltimore journey as a student and active participant with Towson University Hillel. Now one of the hosts for Shabbat with IMPACT, learn a little bit more about Natasha and her Shabbat creativity!

What is your connection with The Associated, IMPACT and Jewish Baltimore?
I first learned about The Associated through my participation with Towson University Hillel, I was able to learn about the life-saving work done for the Baltimore Jewish community and was inspired. This led me to my first job out of college in The Associated’s Marketing Department! There I was able to learn even more about The Associated system, Jewish Baltimore, and become involved with IMPACT.

What is the significance of Shabbat to you? What is your background on how you celebrated Shabbat while growing up?
Growing up, with the craziness of academics, sports, etc. Shabbat was not something we did every week. The weeks I loved most, were the ones spent celebrating in synagogue on Friday nights. In college through Hillel, I found my way back to celebrating Shabbat on a weekly basis. I loved the sense of community it gave me and the ability to put aside my stresses at the end of the week and spend time with friends. Since graduating, I do my best to at least light candles every week if I can’t cook a full meal or be with others.

What 5 current songs would you include in a Shabbat themed playlist and why?

  •  Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra
    Growing up, Frank Sinatra was someone my parents, and grandparents always listened to. I have grown up loving, singing, and dancing to him. Plus, he always sounds great a dinner party background noise!
  • Dancing In The Moonlight – King Harvest
    Ok, I don’t just have moon songs on my playlist! This is another family favorite that I love dancing and singing in the kitchen to. Shabbat does start after sundown, so the theme is fitting.

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