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dinnerlab full society partnershipIt’s the end of a fabulous meal. Everyone at the table is having a great time and getting ready to move on to the rest of the night. But before that can happen, the bill must be paid.

That moment, especially in a large group, is never fun. At its best, paying the bill is mildly annoying – an activity that slows down the night, forcing everyone to shift from cocktails and conversation to basic math. At worst, it’s a moment of awkwardness and even arguments.

Full Society , a new app being developed by a small team helmed by Johns Hopkins University graduate and Baltimore resident Paige Cantlin, solves that problem. Using the app, diners at participating restaurants can easily pay for meals through their phones; the app makes it simple to split bills, track receipts, calculate tips and use payment options like Applepay, Paypal and Venmo. Social media aspects of the app also facilitate information sharing and reviews.

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For restaurants, Full Society helps streamline the process, making the wait staff’s jobs easier. The end result is that they’re able to provide better service and the restaurant has faster table turnover (leading, of course, to higher revenue).

Full Society has another benefit – a big one: it helps people give back to those less fortunate. “Users can give back to society easily and quickly and feel great about it,” says Cantlin. With each payment, users are given the option to donate money for meals for those in need. The company has partnered with Helping Up Mission and Paul’s Place, both local non-profit organizations that help feed the hungry.


Right now, Full Society is raising funds for development via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign , which runs through May 15th. In exchange for contributions, those who donate will receive fantastic perks, including a membership to and gift certificate for Dinner Lab , a company that organizes incredible members-only dinners, cooked by esteemed chefs.

“We think Dinner Lab aligns with the culture of Full Society – going out to eat, promoting the restaurant industry and being innovative,” says Cantlin.

That combination, plus the added bonus of giving back, makes Full Society something fun and useful – and something special.

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