I’m Obsessed With This…And You Might Be, Too

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A few years ago, I had roasted cauliflower for the first time. I’d always thought I hated cauliflower, but I’d really only ever had it on a crudités platter. And, even dipped in ranch dip, it was not something I ever wanted to eat. Then, I had dinner with a friend at 13.5% Wine Bar in Hampden and Chef Kate Erwin changed my outlook on cauliflower. Forever. She served it as a special and it was simply roasted in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper…maybe some garlic. Butter and lemon zest also goes nicely with cauliflower, too. And, curry! That’s my next one…or maybe with brown butter or…with pine nuts and lime? Endless.

Also, I think the food at 13.5% is totally underrated. I need to get there more often. My only complaint is that the barstools are uncomfortable, but the dining room is lovely. Minimal chic, nice service, great wine. Every time I go, it’s great. Kate is extremely talented and will never sing her own praises…so here I am. She’s fantastic.

Anyway, here is the recipe from Sarah at The Yellow House. You will blanch the whole head, then roast. That ensures moisture and even cooking. One tip: To me, leftover roasted cauliflower is never quite as appealing, so I tend to have this when I have someone over to help me eat it. When you serve it, slice it into thick “steaks” – it is stunning (and won’t be around long…)

Make. This. Now.



Amy Langrehr

Amy Langrehr is the blogger and Instagrammer behind Charm City Cook.She writes about food, drink, cooking and more in her hometown of Baltimore.
Amy Langrehr

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