Baltimore is a pizza lovers’ paradise, as our “best of” March Madness contest illustrated this spring. You’ll remember that Birroteca in Hampden won the most praise – after more than 20,000 contest votes were cast. Other crusty local legends – who topped the tasty competition – were Joe Squared in Station North, Johnny Rad’s on Eastern Ave., Tooloulou of East Baltimore, Iggie’s in Mount Vernon, and Matthew’s in Highlandtown. I personally pine for the pie at Two Boots next door to MICA and the slim, steaming slices at BOP (Brick Oven Pizza) in Fells Point.

Which brings me to my pizza-relevant point. With the new Domino’s walk-in shop opening in Hamilton this week, a stone’s throw from my Belair-Edison hood, I’m wondering how many of us true pie enthusiasts will bother to bite. Please weigh in below. Is Domino’s a processed-food guilty/nostalgic pleasure you still indulge in, when time is super short?

Incidentally, all Domino’s newly established national locations will feature the pick-up style space, furnished with additional lobby seating while you wait and a lobby screen through which you can spy pizza-making as it happens (see pic above). The Hamilton shop officially opened doors Monday. Oh, don’t worry, Domino’s still delivers…but customers have shown an increased interest in carryout.

“Many consumers never even knew where their Domino’s store was located,” Brandon told NBC. “With the increase of pick-up orders, we’re just trying to create a more welcoming atmosphere.”

When it’s time to pick up my own carb-o-rific order, I think I’ll make the small extra mileage (and extra change) to go Baltimore-gourmet. But never say never when it comes to a cheesy craving. I have some very happy Domino’s-munching memories, I’m ready to admit. Let me hear your thoughts, pizza lovers!

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  1. Domino’s are franchisee owned, so its still a small business.. 🙂 Also, their pizza is great. If you haven’t tried it lately try it again 🙂

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