Johns Hopkins Road Renovation Problem Finally Gets Off the Ground

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Almost exactly a year ago, we wrote about the improvements slated for San Martin Drive, aka the windy road behind Johns Hopkins. Since then… not much happened.

But according to the Hopkins Hub, the project is actually-really-for-real-this-time going to get off the ground next month. The yearlong delay happened because Remington residents raised some concerns, particularly about the part of the plan that would mean that the neighborhood would lose 30 parking spots — a real concern in an area of town where parking is at a premium already. The university worked out a plan with the neighborhood, reports the Hopkins Hub — though it doesn’t sound like those parking spots are going to get replaced.

When the road construction is complete in spring 2017 (a delay which, ahem, we totally called last year), there will be better lighting, more clear traffic patterns, a wider road and — gasp! — a pedestrian bridge. In other words, one of my least-favorite roads to bike/walk on will be transformed into a safe and aesthetically pleasing pathway.

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  1. Is it going to be closed during construction? I use that road to avoid laying on my horn on Charles St to alert Hopkins students with headphones in that they are crossing a major road.

    • According to the Hub, “In Phase One, from February to roughly September 2016, San Martin Drive will be closed from the South Garage entrance on Wyman Park Drive to the West Gate entrance, also known as the lacrosse gates. Only the lower entrance to San Martin Garage will be open, and that only by reaching Carnegie Way from the south, along Wyman Park Drive near the Early Learning Center. Detour signs will be posted.” You can also check here for more updates:

    • Headphones on. Head down reading their phone. Not paying any attention at all. Stepping out into the street without bothering to look either way. Wondering why someone honks their horn at them. Questioning the sound of screeching brakes… And these are among the brightest and best students in the world.

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