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Johns Hopkins Road Renovation Problem Finally Gets Off the Ground



Almost exactly a year ago, we wrote about the improvements slated for San Martin Drive, aka the windy road behind Johns Hopkins. Since then… not much happened.

Will Cycle Tracks Help or Hurt Mt. Vernon Traffic?

Photo of a cycle track in DC by ASLA via Bike Baltimore
Photo of a cycle track in DC by ASLA via Bike Baltimore

Baltimore City is finally getting serious about supporting cyclists: As the Baltimore Sun reports, in the next few months the city will see its first bike sharing program (Charm City Bikeshare), the installation of 500 new bike racks, and a whole bunch of new bike infrastructure programs.

One of the biggest game-changers could be the plan to install several miles worth of cycle tracks along Maryland Avenue and other major Mt. Vernon streets. (You can check out the proposed map below the jump.) Cycle tracks are different from regular old bike lanes in that there’s an actual physical buffer between parked cars and the bike lane. That means that cars can’t double park/swerve/otherwise intrude on bike lane space. An excellent idea, right?

But as anyone who’s driven through Mt. Vernon during rush hour could tell you, traffic there can get pretty miserable. And because it’s not really possible to widen the roads, one travel lane will be turned into a parking lane, while the space between the curb and the parked cars will become the cycle tracks.

Baltimore’s Bike Commuters Are in the Minority (For Now)



Are you a Baltimorean who bikes to work? If so, you’re in the minority; between one and two percent of the city’s residents count themselves as bike commuters, according to the U.S. Census. That’s not a whole lot of people, but it still places Baltimore far ahead of cities like Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, and Dallas, where far fewer city dwellers use a bike to get to work.