Johns Hopkins Stars in New Ken Burns Cancer Documentary

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Filmmaker Ken Burns has already famously tackled classic examples of Americana, including baseball, the national parks, and the Civil War. His next documentary subject, however, is a bit more unexpected: cancer.

In a three-part, six-hour series airing on PBS, Burns will explore the disease that is the second-leading killer of Americans.¬†Because it’s a Ken Burns documentary, there will presumably be lots of pan-and-zoom, as well as wonderful historical anecdotes.

If you tune in, keep your eye out for the Johns Hopkins Hospital, where the Burns team spent 18 months filming over the past several years. Hopkins docs said they agreed to participate in order to showcase some of the amazing breakthroughs in cancer treatment that have developed in recent years, and also to demystify the often-frightening prospect of cancer treatment.

The first episode airs on March 30.

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