More Chaps Pit Beef Locations Coming Soon

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chaps_entrancePit beef’s local popularity proves that there’s room for the thinnest in the world of BBQ. But if the style were to move beyond Maryland, would people still seek out this rare form? Chaps Pit Beef is about to find out.

According to Richard Gorelick (writing for City Paper a week after his departure from the Sun), Chaps owner Bob Creager is looking to franchise the famed Pulaski Highway restaurant. New locations have yet to be announced before the end of the year.

We know Pit Beef has been exported to some extent, with Chaps a frequent food TV tour stop for shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Man V. Food. The broad marketability of Chaps’ taste and atmosphere, however, remains yet to be tested.

Gorelick reports that Chaps has brought in a consulting firm to handle the franchising effort, and MMB . Our first question: Will they be scouting strip club parking lots?

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  1. Wasn’t Chap’s a bar in the Gold Club space, then came the pit beef stand then the Gold Club? Doubtful they’re “scouting strip club parking lots”. The owner’s parents owned the former bar in the 80’s. Not a necessary ending. Give them a break. Best of luck to them. It’s nice to see small local business owners have success.

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