Murky Waters Could be Ahead for Lake Montebello

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montebelloOne of the city’s drinking water reservoirs may be looking a little cloudy next week. There’s no reason to worry, though, city officials say. It’s just a routine cleaning.

According to the Department of Public works, crews will be cleaning Lake Montebello’s covered reservoir during the week of Jan. 5. As a result, bits of lime and grit will likely wash into the larger, open-air lake. That could result in a “white film or murky waters” in areas of the larger lake.

But even if the lake is looking a little flushed, that doesn’t mean the water’s bad.

“Such discoloration is a normal part of the reservoir cleaning process and will eventually disappear,” according to the DPW alert. “In no way will the work negatively impact the quality of Baltimore’s drinking water.”

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