Organ Plush Toys for Valentine’s? Ten Percent of Sales Benefit Hopkins

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If you want to say I love you in a new and different way, say “I Heart Your Guts” with a stuffed intestine from I Heart Guts.  The unusual plush toys will be on sale at Trohv on The Avenue in Hampden and 10 percent of the sales of the toys will go to the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute.

Give the “When Urine Love” kidney shirt, or proffer an “I Lung You” lapel pin to your beloved. Instead of roses and chocolate, how about a stuffed testicle (“Having a Ball”) or ovary (“Ova Achiever”) to let your honey know you’re in the mood for love?

I Heart Guts founder Wendy Bryan is the anatomically-obsessed illustrator who makes plush internal organs. Black Book magazine said of the guts, “These furry toys can transplant love back into any tired relationship, while Time Out New York says, “The deliriously happy bunch is sure to put any get-well card to shame.”



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