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I think my favorite season in Baltimore is “Otakon.” The city becomes alive with people in rainbow wigs, carrying spears, living their fullest lives. When it’s Otakon time, I could just sit around the Inner Harbor and people watch all day.

But perhaps even better than Otakon people watching is post-Otakon missed connections reading. It’s always amusing to scan the Missed Connections section of Craigslist to see who’s catching eyes around town; that activity is made all the more entertaining when you add in costumes and intense fandom. Here’s a sampling from this year:

Otakon, Hilton bar: You, Tom Servo, and I – m4w
We met at the Hilton bar. You were with a friend. I brought my robot friend. We got along very well, I was very happy to have met you, and you went to bed. You offered to give me your Instagram, which I found odd, and turned down. I immediately though I was foolish, and tried to find you, but you were on the elevator and I didn’t catch it.

Otakon 2014 – w4m
I was a woman cosplaying Castiel, with a female Dean
You were a man cosplaying Dean with an Asian Cas
We passed each other in the hall and you smiled real big at me.
I spent the rest of the day looking for you again
You were the most beautiful Dean who wasn’t actually Jensen Ackles I have ever seen.
Where did you go? Did you get stuck in Hell? I will find you and raise you.

Spiderman Cosplayer looking for his Mary Jane – m4w – 20
Hey guys, had an amazing weekend at Otakon 2014! But, on the first day i went to visit some friends over at the Marriott Hotel across from the Convention Center. While I was there I met a really nice girl named Megan that happens to live in the city. Being the oblivious oddball that I am, I forgot to get any contact info, but I’d really like to find her. I met her in the Breakfast lounge on that Friday. I know this is a really long stretch but if anyone knows her I’d greatly appreciate it =)

 looking for some fun at otakon – m4w – 25
Any femalea wanna have fun tonight with a funchubby male near otakon Can’t wate Just want alittle fun befor leaveing the hotel

Let’s all these people found the true love/Instagram feeds/”fun” they were looking for. We love you, Otakon, and we can’t wait until you’re back next year.