It happens to the best of us: You’re late to work, and you don’t have change for the toll booth. Or you realize you’re in the EZ Pass lane — with no EZ Pass on your car. It’s okay, I don’t blame you. We’re all toll-paying scofflaws sometimes. Fortunately, the Maryland Transportation Authority understands. That’s why they’re offering amnesty to toll scofflaws — but only between October 16 and November 16. During those four weeks, you can pay your overdue tolls without incurring the usual $50 penalty.

This is a very good deal, particularly since you can face a suspended vehicle registration if you don’t pay your overdue tolls in a timely fashion. “Before we begin referring toll violators to the Motor Vehicle Administration  for flagging and suspending vehicle registrations, we wanted to give them one last chance to pay off their debt with the added incentive of waiving civil penalties,” said Milt Chaffee, executive director of the MDTA. “This unique waiver program will happen only once.”

Pay your overdue tolls penalty-free here, starting on October 16.