Image via Sagamore Spirit's Twitter profile.
Image via Sagamore Spirit’s Twitter profile.
Image via Sagamore Spirit’s Twitter profile.

Whiskey is one of those words. Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey. You can’t say it repeatedly without it sounding bizarre. If I were Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, I probably would have found myself nervously turning the word over in my head as I waited for Sagamore Spirit’s debut batch of rye to age in oak casks over the last three years. Well, the wait is almost over. The first fruits of Plank’s distillery will officially debut in Maryland on May 13, Baltimore magazine reports. But according to a tweet from the company, an unnamed Federal Hill bar already has some. Help us identify this bar!

As long as the whiskey has taken to age, it’s still managed to debut ahead of the Sagamore Spirit Distillery. The 22,000-square-foot facility is part of the massive Port Covington redevlopment project being undertaken by Plank’s Sagamore Development Company. Sagamore Spirit president Brian Treacy told Baltimore to expect the location to open by the end of the year. He pinned the long wait on the company’s desire to provide “the most high quality visitor experience.”

Treacy said he expects to see Sagamore Spirit’s rye whiskey to wind up in “some of the best bars and restaurants around town,” particularly the ones “with craftier cocktail programs.”

UPDATE: Contributing Writer Ed Gunts reports that Liquor Pump liquor store in Parkville and Ryleigh’s Oyster restaurant and bar in Mount Vernon both have Sagamore Spirit.

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