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Boys’ Latin LakerJONATHAN, will serve as the school’s student body president during his senior year. He brings to this role involvement in theater, Diversity Club and Black Awareness Club as well as a great appreciation for his school and a commitment to diversity.

Which two adjectives best describe your school?

Welcoming and caring. If I had to use a third, I would say open. BL is a welcoming, caring, tight-knit community. It’s who we are as a school.

What makes you feel proud to be a student at your school?

At Boys’ Latin, you are immediately part of a family. I felt this way from the moment I began at Boys’ Latin as a third grader. Teachers and students come from diverse areas, which was different from my old school, making me more comfortable. At BL, you never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable, because faculty and students have your back, and, as I said before, we are a family.

What is the greatest lesson from your school you will take away with you?

Embrace who you are, and stay true to yourself. I never felt like I had to put on a façade at BL or that I had to change. As I moved into high school, I further embraced who I was, and the verbal support that I received from teachers and peers made all the difference. The school’s motto, Esse Quam Videri, meaning to be rather than to seem, is fundamental to our community. You often hear it on campus, and it is something we strive to live by.

Who is your favorite teacher?

I am fortunate to have had so many great teachers at BL, but my favorite is Ms. Tubman. Since my first day in the upper school, she has been in my corner. She is a supportive voice and has always encouraged me, both in and out of the classroom, while stressing that school comes first.

Where is your favorite place on campus?

To be honest, I have two favorite spaces. The first is Ms. Tubman’s room (Ms. Tubman is an upper school Spanish teacher and the Community & Global Programs Coordinator). Her room is the first place I go when I arrive on campus; my friends are there, and I interact with lots of different people. It is a place where there is no pressure, and I can just let my guard down. I also love spending time in the theater arts room. Whether I am rehearsing a play or a few of us have stopped by to see Mrs. Molling (upper school theater arts teacher), you can often find her engaging students in deep conversations around life lessons or important topics. Also, the boys who participate in plays are a tight-knit group. Many students who perform are also heavily involved in campus life and other activities, such as varsity athletics or robotics.

What do you think distinguishes your schools from the other independent schools?

The strong connection that exists between all three divisions: lower, middle, and upper school. I can’t speak for other private schools, but I think this makes us unique. We have a Laker Buddy program where upper school boys are paired with lower school students, and they often become really good friends. Every day after school from 3 p.m.-6 p.m., I work with lower school boys through our Harford Heights program, our after-school child care for lower school. It’s a great experience.

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    • We asked the school to address your question, and here is the response: The school’s motto, Esse Quam Videri – “To Be Rather Than To Seem,” means that you are your true most authentic self, that what you ‘say’ is what you do. At Boys’ Latin, Esse Quam Videri emphasizes the development of one’s integrity, courage, and compassion for others and has been the core value of a Boys’ Latin education since 1844.

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