Solid Brunching Going On At Nickel Taphouse

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I recently attended a fantastic brunch event hosted by Evolution Craft Brewing at Nickel Taphouse in Mt. Washington. We were treated to everything from craft beers and drinks, to brunch and lunch fare and more. I have to say I’ve never been a huge brunch (or Sunday Funday) person, as Sundays have always been my catch up day – how boring, I know. Laundry, cooking for the week, hikes in the woods to clear my head and more. But now that I don’t have a regular 9-5 day job, Sundays have become a lot more free. And I like it!

The weekend brunch menu (served Saturday and Sunday from 11:30-3:00pm) at Nickel – which is run by the same folks at Birroteca – is pretty big. It ranges from bites like the (really, really good) fries with tarragon aioli, maple glazed bacon and deviled eggs and tomato jam. There is a raw bar, a Bloody Mary and Mimosa cart and much more. I went in for some raw oysters, since they are one of my most favorite things. In the whole world. L-o-v-e. They did not disappoint – this time, they had Old Salt, Wiannos and Battle Creeks. And then I enjoyed the Tower of Babel – toasted brioche, sausage, bacon, shrimp, poached egg, cheddar, onion and hollandaise. That was a dish that didn’t look too big, but wow, it was filling. However, since I’m a fan of wedge salads, I had to try Nickel’s and honestly, it was very, very good. The buttermilk blue cheese dressing made it. And…lots of bacon. You always need more bacon in your life, I think.

I may be becoming one of those brunch people I always thought were too cool for me. That’s rich.





Amy Langrehr

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