In Southeast Baltimore 35 Cats Were Rescued from the Rescue

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Charm City Animal Rescue raided by Animal Control

WJZ reports that Baltimore City Animal Control had to rescue 35 cats from Charm City Animal Rescue on Hudson Street in Canton due to unsanitary conditions. After “numerous complaints,” Animal Control got a warrant to search the facility and found “a strong smell of animal waste, unclean litter boxes and more than a dozen sick cats.”

Charm City Animal Rescue’s Web site (as well as its Facebook page) still advises people looking to adopt animals that the organization “currently [does] not have a facility,” but according to a poorly formatted Web page at Baltimore Guide, CCAR did in fact begin leasing a facility on the 2800 block of Hudson Street in February of this year to serve as an “outgoing only” cat adoption facility. Seeing as it’s not yet May, it seems that things went South rather quickly.

The non-profit was begun in 2009 by Michelle Ingrodi, and up until February it was run without a facility, its mission carried out by a network of foster families.  Baltimore magazine reported that, in 2011, Charm City Animal Rescue was responsible for rescuing 284 animals and had found permanent homes for 193 of them.

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  1. One thing that WJZ didn’t mention is what will happen to the “rescued” cats. Ironically, they could end up taxing the already over-crowded municipal shelters. CCAR removed hard to adopt cats from these places, rehabilitating sick cats and socializing healthier ones. I think that the organization has a record of success and the founder is committed. Perhaps the complaints were from a neighbor who was unaware of what a shelter is like, or who did not to live near a shelter.

  2. Amanda Woods of Charleston WV pretended to run “Karen and Friends” Rescue. Her house was condemned and 20+ animals seized in June. She stored 20+ cats in deplorable conditions. No electricity, no running water, feces and urine covering the entire “house.” Medications stored improperly in a fridge filled with feces. The cats were suffering from a variety of different ailments, giardia and ringworm to name a couple. Check out the page “The Misadventure of an Ex Animal Rescuer” and ” Not As Described” for pictures of the conditions the cats were seized from.

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