Lauren Sibel - The Associated

For the past 6 years, Baltimore native, Lauren Sibel, attended Tulane University in Louisiana earning her Master’s Degree in social work. When she moved back to her home city, it felt a little bit like starting over.

“I had to re-involve myself in Baltimore” says Lauren who moved back in 2017, “I had been away for so long I didn’t have a sense of what was going on in the city.”

For many young professionals, entering the working world after college can prove challenging, especially for those like Lauren who pursue their education in another state. Then she discovered IMPACT, The Associated’s young adult division, which hosts programs and events that allow young adults to network and meet and mingle in an inclusive environment.

“It was an opportunity to meet other young people in the city,” says Lauren. “Going to an IMPACT event, I felt like I would already know some of the people there, which was appealing.”

Aside from providing networking opportunities, IMPACT acts as a channel through which young adults can give back to the community. Even so, some may find it difficult to find meaningful and impactful chances to give back.

Enter IMPACT’s CHAT group, or, Conversations Happening Around Town. Offering the chance to learn what’s what in Jewish Baltimore, CHAT helps young adults build leadership skills, find volunteer opportunities and more. Lauren started attending CHAT sessions last year.

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