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Top Stories: Hamilton’s Green Onion Market to Close, A Praiseworthy Baltimore Cop, Ground Broken for New Ronald McDonald House


Our top story this week is a sad announcement: Hamilton’s Green Onion Market on Harford Road is going out of business. Co-owner Rich Marsiglia wrote on the business’ Facebook page on Monday that after five years of operating, his giant carrot-topped store is shutting down within two weeks. During that time, he’ll be selling all the fresh goods on the shelves at discounted rates.

Marsiglia didn’t elaborate on why the store is closing. (We couldn’t reach him by phone.)

“I want to say from the bottom of my heart to our many loyal customers, I am truly sad to make this unavoidable business decision and will miss seeing you on a regular basis,” he wrote. He added that he still expects to see everyone around, as he lives in the neighborhood. He said he plans to lease the property to another business soon. And the giant carrot will remain, he told a commenter.

Here were our other most-read stories from the past seven days:

City Schools Hosting Choice Fair Downtown This Saturday



Most Baltimore City Schools students get the chance to pick which middle or high school they want to attend. With that big decision looming, the school system is once again hosting a fair this weekend to help them get a better understanding of what each school has to offer.

Could Otakon Return to Baltimore?

From Otakon 2013. Photo by Stupid Systemus.

Otakon, the amazing people-watching festival–I’m sorry, I mean anime/manga/video game fan convention–that’s been held in Baltimore since 1999 is decamping to DC next year. But don’t be so quick to say goodbye.

Baltimore Convention Center Keeps Losing Money




By now, the downtown Hilton/Baltimore Convention Center was supposed to be making the city $7 million a year in profits. Instead, it’s losing money. Consistently.

Baltimore Convention Center’s Blocked Wifi Results in $718,000 Fine



The Baltimore Convention Center used to have one of those exceedingly irritating wifi schemes, in which the center’s wireless provider blocked all other signals while charging exorbitant amounts for people to get online. Now that company is facing an exorbitant fine of its own–because it turns out that blocking wifi like that is against the law. Poetic justice!

Orioles FanFest 2015



catch of the day fish (2)Forget football season. We’re onto the next. The Orioles know that, which is why next weekend marks Orioles FanFest– the place where you can show your love for the Os well before baseball season starts. Sadly, all of the autograph signing sessions are already sold out, alas. But there’s plenty more fun to be had. The FanFest will includ appearances by current and former Orioles players and coaches, baseball clinics for kids, clubhouse tours, interactive games, tons of amazing memorabilia dealers, and much more.

Irony Alert: Outbreak of Food Poisoning at Baltimore’s Food Safety Conference



Officials at the Food Safety Summit, held earlier this month at the Baltimore Convention Center, attended panels on dealing with food allergens, product testing, and food handler training. They also may have eaten food that got them sick.

Otakon Ditches Baltimore for DC Because Our Convention Center is a Mess

Photo by Flickr user Baltimore Lauren

There’s no room for debate:  Otakon is a good thing for Baltimore. If you like anime, it brings you a host of likeminded folks from around the country; if you like people watching, it brings you thousands of characters in various elaborate costumes for your gawking pleasure; if you like money, you can rest satisfied knowing that the conference boosts the city’s economy by millions of dollars. (And Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” always gets a little more compelling during Otakon season.) Well, enjoy it while you can — Otakon just announced that it’ll be moving to DC, in part because “the Baltimore Convention Center has not aged gracefully,” according to organizers.

The Baltimore Original Sewing and Quilt Expo


Sewing Expo

catch of the day fish (2)In 1913, when pockets first began appearing in women’s clothing, a Parisian reporter wrote (in response to this travesty), “it’s all over with men’s superiority over women.” Hmm. Perhaps it was a rather slippery slope, from there on out. That’s why we’re not here to say, “This isn’t your granny’s sewing and quilt expo.” After all, it seems that your granny’s sewing expo just may have helped paved the way for such novelties as women’s voting rights and equal pay. You know, the little things. But it is true that less people (women and non) are doing their own sewing these days. But if you’ve ever experienced the satisfaction of creating your own garment by hand (apron-making in Home Economics class, anyone?) you know how triumphant it can feel. Perfect for both newbies and dedicated crafters is the Baltimore Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, happening this weekend at the Convention Center.

The Bronies Are Coming to Baltimore

Photo via mamapop.com

Let’s get this out of the way first:  Bronies are dudes (bros) who are really into My Little Pony, specifically the cartoon TV show My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic. Their annual convention has drawn more than 4000 enthusiasts to New York in recent years, but this year it’s coming to Baltimore instead. Will you attend?