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Md. Officials Criticize Trump’s Budget, Which Cuts Funding for Chesapeake Bay Cleanup, Public TV and More

Official portrait of President Donald Trump, via the White House

Maryland’s lawmakers are not please with the proposed budget released this week by the White House, saying it could have dire consequences for the Chesapeake Bay, the National Institutes of Health, public television and other parts of the state.

City Schools Could Lay Off More than 1,000 Staff to Help Close $130M Budget Gap


Baltimore City Public Schools headquarters on North Avenue, Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Baltimore City Public Schools officials are considering major staff cuts to make up for an abnormally large budget deficit of $130 million for fiscal 2018.

Baltimore City Schools Have Big Budget Deficit

Sonja Santelises

Baltimore City public schools have been facing budget deficits over the last few years, but this time it’s even bigger than usual.

Rawlings-Blake Passes Decision on Charm City Circulator Cuts to Next Mayor


Charm-City-Circulator-bus-01Despite proposed cuts to the Charm City Circulator that appeared to be on the table earlier this year, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake isn’t going to make any final calls on the free bus service before she leaves office later this year.

Johns Hopkins Cuts Budgets, Eliminates Staff for 2016


Johns Hopkins University

As education costs continue to rise at an alarming rate, universities are looking for ways to cut back on costs. Even Johns Hopkins, one of the most expensive schools in the U.S., is looking for ways to tighten its belt a bit.

Layoffs are Coming to Baltimore City Schools, But Not for Teachers

closing schools
Baltimore City schools CEO Gregory Thornton

Baltimore City Schools CEO Gregory Thornton warned all winter that layoffs would be necessary as a result of a massive budget hole. In Thornton’s proposal, the school system’s administrative offices on North Ave. will bear the brunt of the cuts instead of individual schools.

CEO: Teacher Layoffs Coming in Baltimore City Schools


publicschBaltimore City Schools officials hinted that they had a major budget hole to close. Now that Superintendent Gregory Thornton has a plan to balance spending, he’s signaling that layoffs are likely ahead.

Balancing Baltimore’s Budget Is Actually Kind of Fun



Being mayor always seemed like fun to me — all those ribbon cuttings! those galas! — except for the whole balancing-the-budget thing. But maybe you’re one of those people who’s always felt that you’d do a great job of prioritizing the city’s competing needs. If so, you can test out your budgeting acumen with the new “Balanced Baltimore” website, which allows you to allocate millions of dollars… as long as you’re willing to make some tough choices.

Basically, you start out with a $20 million deficit and have to figure out how to make up the money. Do you want to cut libraries? Or services for the mentally ill? You could save $1 million if you cut down on repairing potholes — but the roads are already bad enough.

Valentine’s Day on a Baltimore College Student’s Budget



So Valentine’s Day is coming up (in 48 hours) and you have a special someone you want to do something for but not much money? Well, that’s almost all of us. Since I’m a college student, I can recommend a few ways to celebrate on a student’s budget: