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Get Your Moonshine While You Can; Maryland Poised to Outlaw “Incredibly Dangerous” Grain Alcohol



A bottle of Jack Daniels is 80 proof, meaning it contains 40% alcohol by volume. Grain alcohol is 190 proof, which means it’s twice as strong as whiskey. As you can imagine (or may have experienced, back in your wilder days), any drink that’s 95% alcohol can get you very drunk, very quickly. Which is exactly why Maryland lawmakers are trying to ban it.

College Kids These Days: A Complaint


Third Eye Blind is embarrassing.

Towson University announced the headliner for its annual big-deal homecoming concert the other day. “We’re really excited to have Third Eye Blind,” Campus Activities Board Director Nick Jones told the Towson Towerlight. “We really wanted a ’90s feel, a rock feel.” Really? This counts as exciting? Well, then I fear for the youth of today.