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Some Hospitals Massively Overcharge, Hopkins Study Finds



In case you haven’t heard, our health care system is messed up.

Maryland’s New Health Exchange Website is Open for Window Shopping


Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 4.20.43 PMAfter last year’s bungled rollout, Maryland’s public healthcare exchange is back for another try. This week, the exchange is in “window shopping” mode, meaning you can browse for plans, but can’t sign up yet. Let’s see how it’s doing so far:

On the Tenure Clock: A Cautionary Tale

image via mycollegesandcareers.com
image via mycollegesandcareers.com

As Goucher writing prof Kathy Flann endured five years of tenure-track hell, her health fell apart and she began to question her own creative work–you won’t guess what happened next.

When I landed what’s known as a “tenure-track” job teaching creative writing at Goucher College, it was the culmination of long and arduous quest. There were so many fiction writers clambering for university teaching positions that several hundred people would sometimes apply for an opening.

Ravens Drafted to Market Obamacare to Marylanders



Despite the NFL at large refusing to endorse the politically polarizing Affordable Care Act, the Baltimore Ravens have partnered with Maryland Health Connection to do outreach for Obamacare within the state. And the worst part of it is I’m not familiar enough with football terminology to deliver the snappy puns this story requires.

Anyway, the state decided that since “71 percent of the uninsured population in Maryland have watched, attended or listened to a Ravens game in the past 12 months,” the team would be an ideal group to task with informing Obamacare’s target population of their new health coverage options come autumn.

Coming Out about Parkinson’s: Public Health Visionary Peter Beilenson on Ambition, Obamacare, and What We Can Learn from “The Wire”


Dr. Peter Beilenson — the high-profile Howard County health officer — prefers to keep his personal life out of the press. When he announced publicly his Parkinson’s diagnosis last month, he did it for one reason: to support Obamacare. Diagnosed five years ago, Beilenson, 52, made public his health status the same day the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the central provisions of Obama’s federal health care overhaul.

“I disclosed it because I was so disgusted by the right wing’s constant vilification of the uninsured as ‘getting the poor health they deserve,’ and wanted to make the point that I have Parkinson’s but am fine — because I have insurance,” Beilenson says.