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Amy Schumer Postpones Baltimore Show

Photo via @amyschumer
Photo via @amyschumer

Sorry, Baltimore. One potential for laughs scheduled for this weekend isn’t happening.

Wu Tang LAN And Other Great Wifi Network Names in Baltimore



The art of the witty wifi network name has largely gone unrecognized–until now.

Unmasked: Halloween Artifacts from the Lost Party City


hallowbastosArcheologists have discovered —  through painstaking review of sherds of hollow plastic child-sized orange “gathering pumpkins” — that the ancient tech-age so-called “Halloweenic” civilizations prospered throughout North America from about 1950 CE to their apex in 2014 CE before tragically crashing in 2050 CE like Pompeii under the weight of the ash from the explosion of their great factories, which produced cut-rate milk chocolate and cane sugar that was poured into molds and then colorfully packaged with names like “Snack-pak Twizzlers gluten-free.”

Little was known of the people…until now.

God Should Have Gone to Law School: Two Funny Poems for Friday


ddWarning: UB MFA grad student Ellen Hartley has some strong opinions that might just crack you up.


I hate


loathe & detest them


are instruments of the devil


image via
image via freewebs.com

With trademark humor, Baltimore poet Jenny Keith shares a heavy-duty secret.


Sharp elbow! Heads up from the iced tea and lawn,

the glass door swings open, invites everyone.

A ring dance, a blessing, a twirl of good cheer.


See now, coming forward from kitchen and parlor:

It’s clever, transcending its genre—its gender!

You will love it and honor it, cherish forever


this one like the ones you remember, but smaller,

cuter and sweeter, much nicer, petite-er,

the bite-size of meat that will never taste vulgar.

    SNL Visits Maryland: Seth Meyers at Stevenson on Sunday

    seth meyers
    We all have our natural talents.  Michael Phelps is intrinsically aquatic, Penelope Cruz in unfairly beautiful, and Seth Meyers is inherently hilarious.  Meyers began his comedic career in college at Northwestern where he was a member of the improv group “Mee-Ow.”  From there, he went to do comedy in Amsterdam, drawing the attention of the Saturday Night Live producers.  After five short years with SNL, he advanced through the ranks to become a lead writer and a co-anchor for the popular Weekend Update segment.  Having written and costarred with comedic geniuses such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Andrew Steele, Meyers is no stranger to greatness.  He’s spoken at the White House, and probably has the only humorous video up on the CSPAN YouTube account.

    For those already planning this weekend’s regrets…



    Gore Dean Baltimore Behavior Card

    Mae West famously said, “When I’m good, I’m very, very good, but when I’m bad I’m better.” That attitude (along with her looks and Hollywood star status) surely helped keep her in the good graces of hostesses, dates, and others who  likely cleaned up behind her after a particularly good time. Many of us, however, could use a little something extra when begging pardon for, shall we say, less than perfect behavior.  What to do? Flowers? A homemade pie? A replacement lampshade?

    The Wire: The Musical?


    Funny or Die has posted a video spoof of something we hope never happens: a musical version of Baltimore’s much-loved HBO hit “The Wire.”


    Made-in-Maryland, “VEEP” Preview


    Everyone is raving about VEEP, the HBO comedy series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and shot in Baltimore and other parts of Maryland. Our own David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun called it “brilliant” and the Washington Post liked it too.  If the trailer, above, is any indication, the show is sure to be a winner.