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Kevin Plank Among Executives Who Met With President Trump Today

An old photo of Plank, via Wikimedia Commons

Under Armour founder Kevin Plank was one of the first to sit down with Donald Trump on what the president called the official “Day One” of his presidency.

Obama Administration Wraps Up 18 Months of Helping Out Baltimore

President Obama at the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque and Al-Rahmah School in February, Courtesy White House, photo by Pete Souza

After unrest spread across Baltimore in the form of riots, protests and eventually general brooding after the death of Freddie Gray, President Obama’s administration took a special interest in the city. Eighteen months later, the outgoing president’s administration has published a report summarizing its work here and recommending ways for ways for the next wave of federal elected officials and bureaucrats to keep their eye on helping the city move forward.

Morgan Stanley Plans 800 New Jobs in Baltimore

Morgan Stanley's Harbor Point office.
Morgan Stanley’s Harbor Point office

There’s big economic development news in Baltimore this afternoon, and it doesn’t have to do with Under Armour or Hopkins. Morgan Stanley is set for a big expansion in Baltimore that will bring lots of new jobs.

Amazon is Holding Hiring Events in the Inner Harbor


Amazon Fulfillment Center

Looking for some extra cash this holiday season? Amazon is filling positions at its fulfillment center on the spot today and next week in the Inner Harbor.

Ray Lewis Aims to Bring 1,000 New Jobs to Baltimore, Starting Tomorrow

Courtesy Keith Allison/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
Courtesy Keith Allison/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Ravens legend Ray Lewis and a business partner are on a mission to create 1,000 jobs for city residents. They have modeled their firm, aptly named Baltimore 1000, as an extension of the Ferguson 1000 initiative in the St. Louis area.

The University of Baltimore Is Shrinking



At a time when some local universities are seeing record numbers of applicants, the University of Baltimore is undergoing the opposite trend.

Remember That Triumphant Baltimore Hospital Jobs Plan? Well…



This fall, a group of Baltimore-area hospitals announced that it would help combat inequality and unemployment in the city by hiring 1,000 new entry-level workers from the city’s most struggling neighborhoods. The plan was widely acclaimed, and seemed like a no-brainer in some ways: the city’s largest private industry bridging the gap with Baltimore’s disadvantaged populations. 

Baltimore Is Popular with the Creative Class



In 2002, social scientist Richard Florida popularized the idea that the so-called creative class would be the source of a new era of urban renewal. While the jury’s still out on whether Florida’s theory really does help improve the economic future of a city, it seems that Baltimore is increasingly popular with creative types.

Is This a Dream Job–Or a Nightmare?



Maryland Live!, the casino with the exclamation point, is hiring. Whether this particular job posting is exciting or horrifying depends on your point of view.

Local Hospitals Plan to Add 1000 Entry-Level Jobs



One of the engines of the unrest that rocked Baltimore earlier this year was the economic despair and high unemployment in some Baltimore neighborhoods. In Sandtown-Winchester, Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, the unemployment rate is double that of the city as a whole–and the city itself already has an unemployment rate much higher than the national average.

A new initiative spurred by Baltimore-area hospitals is hoping to change some of these alarming statistics by hiring 1,000 entry-level workers for hospital jobs, the Baltimore Sun reports.