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Amazon is Hiring 1,000 People in Baltimore


sales tax on amazon purchasesBaltimore residents lost their Amazon sales tax breaks, but the online retail giant’s new fulfillment center in Southeast Baltimore will bring jobs. Many jobs.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Baltimore Church Partners with Casino



The Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore has been lauded as a job-creator for the city; it reportedly will create 1,700 jobs when it opens later this summer. Even better, the company has committed to hiring locally for many of those positions.

In order to find those future employees, Horseshoe has been traveling to various corners of the city, informing residents about the casino and potential positions there. That’s what brought them to Upton’s Union Baptist Church yesterday.

Year Up Baltimore to be Featured on 60 Mins. next Sunday


Courtesy citybizlist – GBC Training program Year Up will be featured on 60 Minutes this Sunday, February 2,  at 7 p.m. on CBS.

Baltimore Orioles Just Announced Someone’s Dream Job

Photo via Wired
Photo via Wired

This is not my dream job — but only because I don’t really like baseball (sorry!), or statistics (not sorry!). But perhaps you know someone out there who does? An Orioles-obsessed math whiz, the kind of person who obsessively makes sports-centric spreadsheets and thinks Moneyball is the best movie ever made? If so, let him/her know that the Baltimore Orioles are hiring.

The official job title is “Baseball Analytics Consultant,” and here’s what the O’s say they want:

Breaking: Amazon’s New Baltimore Warehouse Not Worth It!



Somebody contact Amazon quick and tell them Marylanders have changed their mind: we don’t want the online retail titan to open up a 1,000-employee distribution center in Southeast Baltimore after all. We just realized that with the company maintaining a physical presence in the state residents will have to start paying sales tax on all purchases!

And it won’t even matter if the items we purchase end up coming from the Seattle distribution center. We’ll still be taxed.

Who cares that the jobs pay 30 percent more than standard retail work, or that the sales tax revenue could generate $200 million for the state annually? The madness has to stop somewhere. 

Why Is Rick Perry Coming to Maryland, Really?


Rick Perry 3

Last month, Texas Gov. Rick Perry told Newsmax that he sees a 2016 presidential bid as “still a very viable option.”  But he didn’t need to tell me; I already assumed as much. I consider it good policy to assume every white politician with a haircut is perpetually considering a presidential bid. But in this case I’ve got even more to go on. Namely, Perry’s ongoing effort to pick a fight with every blue state in the country over its business and tax climate, the latest vaguely annoyed target of which being Maryland.

Baltimore Among Top Cities for Liberal Arts Majors



Courtesy Citybizlist – Labor-market analytics firm Burning Glass released a new report showing the 20 U.S. cities where liberal arts majors are most in demand. It analyzed more than 23,000 employer sites and job boards to find the cities with the most entry-level job postings available to these grads.