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Hopkins Gets $250k in Private Research Funding Per Professor



Johns Hopkins is one of the best-funded research universities in the world.

Maryland Is the Wealthiest State in America



With an average median household income of $73,971, Maryland again ranks as the richest state in the nation in 2015.

Johns Hopkins Keeps Rising in College Rankings


Johns Hopkins University

Earlier this fall, Johns Hopkins attained its goal of becoming one of the top 10 universities in the country, according to the US News rankings. On a different list that was released this week, the Baltimore-based university didn’t make the top 10… but that’s okay.

MICA Grads Don’t Make Money, and Other Lessons From the College Scorecard



It seems like everyone is trying to get in on the college ranking game–even the president. Earlier this month, the Obama administration rolled out the College Scorecard, a new data-driven method for evaluating colleges and universities. What sets the College Scorecard apart from all those other rankings is its focus on student outcomes. Rather than measuring nebulous things like reputation, the College Scorecard focuses on three key metrics: how much a school costs, what percentage of students graduate, and how much money students earn after graduation. There is also information available about diversity, average debt at graduation, and other key factors.

Johns Hopkins Is Finally a Top Ten University


Johns Hopkins University

Two years ago, Johns Hopkins announced its plan to become one of the top 10 colleges in the country. Since then, the university has emphasized undergraduate education and, as a result, has slowly been inching its way up the U.S. News’s annual college rankings, moving from 14th place to 12th place to now, finally, the coveted 10th place spot. Considering that the university was ranked 16th just a few years earlier, that’s quite a jump.

The USDA Thinks Baltimore Is Not a Pleasant Place to Live


Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.50.15 AM

The Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham uncovered a nifty document from the 1990s, in which the USDA ranked every one of the nation’s 3,000-plus counties, in an attempt to list the most (and least) desirable places to live. And according to this ranking, the best spots are all along the southern California coast. The worst are in northern North Dakota. 

Johns Hopkins Is the 16th Best University in the World


Johns Hopkins University

According to the U.S. News & World Report, Johns Hopkins is the twelfth-best university in the United States; according to the Center for World-Class Universities (which sounds fake but is actually real), the Baltimore-based school is the sixteenth-best in the whole wide world. Put simply: It’s a very good school.

Baltimore Is a Top Place for Retirees

Okay, so Baltimore retirement may not look exactly like this... but it's still pretty good.
Okay, so Baltimore retirement may not look exactly like this… but it’s still pretty good.

Baltimore may not be as sunny as Florida, but it’s got some other things going that should attract retirees: a low cost of living, great medical care, and plenty of cultural activities, to name just a few.

JHU Alums Don’t Give Often–But When They Do, They Give a Lot


money hand

Last week, Forbes released its annual college rankings. While there are lots of best-colleges lists out there, the Forbes ranking is interesting because of its focus on finances. 

Johns Hopkins Hospital Is Still Only the Third-Best



Here’s how Johns Hopkins is like Queen Elizabeth II: For decades, Baltimore’s biggest medical center sat at the top of U.S. News’s annual best hospital rankings, seemingly unable to be dethroned. (Okay, so maybe it’s not the best analogy.)