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Event Pick: The World Championships of Vegan Mac N’ Cheese

Photo by Texasfoodgawker, via Wikimedia Commons

It seems every year, more and more excellent vegan options emerge as alternatives for our favorite everyday snacks. Nowhere is that more apparent than at the World Vegan Mac N’ Cheese Championship, which Baltimore is hosting for the third straight year.

Top Stories: Baltimore’s Confederate Monuments Come Down, Activist Sculpture Toppled, Hate is Alive in Md.


Our top story this week marked what will likely prove to be a pivotal moment in 2017: City lawmakers voted unanimously to tear down four controversial statues honoring the Confederate legacy in Baltimore.

Following last weekend’s violent, hate-motivated unrest that began with protests about a Confederate statue in Charlottesville, Va., cities around the country moved to eject their controversial monuments with lightning speed. While Baltimore didn’t beat out the citizens of Durham, N.C., lawmakers here nonetheless acted quickly. Over the weekend, Councilman Brandon Scott drafted a resolution that called for the city to “destroy” the statues. On Monday night, right after he modified the proposal by subbing out “deconstruct” for “destroy,” he and his colleagues all voted in favor.

The following night, Mayor Catherine Pugh ordered all of them to be torn and carted off, and the rest was…actually, that history is still playing out.

Here were the other most popular stories from Baltimore Fishbowl this week:

Hot Plate: Crab Bash at B&O, Pop Ups at Gnocco & SoBo Market, Fiesta del Sol at Union with Clavel & The Charmery

B&O American Brasserie’s annual crab bash, which brings chefs from all over the city together to benefit the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, takes place this Sunday.

Summer might be winding down, but that spells good news for local food lovers, as restaurants kick into high gear with a variety of events and festivals on the horizon.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up:

Local Eateries Band Together for City’s First-Ever Vegan Restaurant Week

A plate of French toast from Golden West Cafe. Photo by Balance Photography.

Naijha Wright-Brown, owner of Mount Vernon-based vegan soul food spot The Land of Kush, enjoys getting out of her own kitchen to dine at other restaurants around the city. However, she’s grown tired of servers offering her a salad as her only option or, worse, being urged to head around the corner for something suiting her dietary restrictions.

Coppin State Police Officer a Finalist in PETA’s ‘Sexiest Vegan Next Door’ Contest

Photo via PETA/Michael Baysmore

Michael Baysmore of the Coppin State Police Department is back in the news for another good, but very different reason.

Hot Plate: Tacos & Tequila at Gunther & Co., Greg’s Bagels Reopens, Bourbon, Whiskey and Local Distiller Events

Gunther & Co. kicks off Tequila Taco Tuesdays next week

Have you recovered yet from your Valentine’s Day sugar high? Ready for something new?

There’s a lot happening this week in Baltimore restaurant news, and none of it involves heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. New spots are opening, culturally educational dinners are taking place and restaurants are providing locals with lots of opportunities to learn about – and enjoy – different types of liquors.

Here’s a look at what’s happening in and around town this week:

More Vegan Ballpark Food Coming to Camden Yards

photo via PlantBar
photo via PlantBar

PlantBar, which offers vegan food options at Belvedere Square Market, is opening up a new spot at Camden Yards this season.

The Gift: Delicious Vegan Charm School Chocolates


The Gift

What It Is: An entire line of dairy-free (and otherwise animal product-free) chocolate and confections that will impress even die-hard milk chocolate fans. While dairy-free chocolates may seem like anathema to certain purists, we’ve personally had the experience of seeing the eyes of lactose intolerant and vegan friends bulge out of their heads upon breaking into a bar of this stuff. Created by Chef Josh Rosen (winner a couple years back of Sweet Genius on the Food Network), these are absolutely top notch, locally made confections. Prices vary.

Who It’s Perfect For:

Vegans: This is pretty obvious, but to the non-vegan (that is, those of us who do consume various animal products) the magic of a creamy, mouth watering chocolate bar without any milk may not seem that exciting. Yet, my longtime vegan friend still brings up the Charm School Chocolates I gave him as a “thank you” gift well over a year ago. There’s no underestimating how much these people miss a good candy bar, or how much they’ll appreciate you finding one.

Kids with Dairy Allergies: This is another one I can personally testify for. As the aunt of a child with a severe dairy allergy, I’ve seen celebration after celebration where all the other kids are indulging in cupcakes, cookies, Halloween candy and more while my patient (but clearly bummed out) nephew abstains. Or maybe gets a popsicle or lollypop as a consolation. While they’re a bit high-end for everyday munching, a special bar for the holidays is sure to light up the face of any kid for whom chocolate is an extra rare treat.

Charm School Chocolates are available online and at retailers around town. Visit www.charmschoolchocolate.com for more information.