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Greenlaurel: You’re Invited! Ideas to Host a Beautiful and Sustainable Party

Using locally grown flora, this arrangement by Baltimore’s Local Color Flowers is stunning. Credit: Stacy Bauer Photography

Gearing up to start planning for holiday entertaining? Consider a few of the sustainably minded party-hosting tips below. From your invitations to party cleanup, small changes can yield greener results while helping you host a fabulous party, all with a nod to our planet.

Top Stories: The Sandlot Opens at Harbor Point, A Creative Take on a Wedding Itinerary, Woodberry Flip for $417K


Our most popular story this week was Ed Gunts’ preview writeup about yesterday’s premiere for The Sandlot, the new waterside bar, restaurant and “beach hangout” at Harbor Point. The collaboration between Foodshed LLC and Beatty Development Group has been months in the making. It consists of a largely outdoor dining and entertainment venue with volleyball and bocce courts, a children’s play area, picnic tables, an Airstream trailer and, as the name suggests, bountiful sand.

Visitors can enjoy the comfort of indoor eating and drinking, however, as the bar and kitchen are made from customized shipping containers.

Ed offered this assessment of its ambiance: “It may have its roots in rustic campgrounds and childhood sandlots, but Sandlot also has the sophisticated vibe of the latest generation of rooftop bars in Manhattan that are open to the sky and city views.”

Our other most popular reads from the last seven days:

Baltimore Weddings are Some of the Most Expensive in the Country


Getting married always requires saving some money. Tying the knot in Baltimore requires a little bit more cash than the average nuptials.

Nicole and Michael Phelps Got Married A Third Time

Courtesy Boone Studios/BRIDES

In the span of just over two months, Michael Phelps has gone from being unmarried in the public eye to having tied the knot three separate times.

Michael Phelps is Really Married Now

Courtesy Michael Phelps/Facebook
Courtesy Michael Phelps/Facebook

Turns out, the word that spread last week about Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson’s June wedding was just a prelude. The couple had a big ceremony to celebrate their nuptials over the weekend, and there are pictures to prove it.

Maryland Winery Closes Abruptly, Ruining Several Weddings



Maryland’s Elk Manor advertised itself as a premier wedding venue, convenient to Baltimore and overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. But after an international bribery conspiracy snagged one of Elk Manor’s owners, the venue suddenly shut down this week–leaving several couples scrambling to figure out what they’re supposed to do with their weddings.

The 2014 Holiday Guide from Pleasure of Your Company – Thanksgiving through New Year’s


Yes, Christmas is over a month away, but don’t show up at Thanksgiving dinner empty handed!  Bring a hostess gift for the poor souls who have spent the day slaving over the meal (and the table and the flowers).  The Pleasure of Your Company has gifts to let your host and hostess know you appreciate their efforts. While you’re at it, get a jump on your holiday gift shopping.  Check out the Pleasure of Your Company gift guide, below, with fun, affordable gift ideas for everyone on your list! Mud Pie Stuffing Spoon $19.00 "Let the Stuffing Begin"

Mud Pie Stuffing Spoon $19.00
“Let the Stuffing Begin”

STOP! It’s Time To Re-Fresh! Your Closet

While we prepare for snow, we dream of spring!  And what better way to spend a snow day than to attack your closet (which, admit it, is probably a mess of salt covered boots and sloppily piled sweaters)?  Fashionista and stylist Heidi Slacum, owner of the recently relocated Fresh! Boutique (it’s now in the Festival at Woodholme) gives us all a lesson in closet organization — and gets us pondering our spring purchases — and keeps it fun.  Spring’s right around the corner (promise!). Take a few pointers from a pro.

While going through my closet to pack for an upcoming trip, I realized my personal fashion portfolio needs some “refreshing.”  Working in the fashion industry, you can imagine the accumulation of clothing that I end up with: never worn or worn once clothes, all stuffed to the back of the closet for another day.  I decided to take my own organizational advice and take a “spring fling” with my closet!

If you find yourself overwhelmed by your array of apparel and in need of 1) space 2) organization and 3) new looks for the upcoming season, take these steps to free you from clutter and renew your faith in fashion!

Step 1: Edit
  • Store – Slip fall and winter (past season) clothing in acid-free boxes or airtight bins. Before storing make sure each piece is clean, repaired, if necessary, and folded. Use small bins for gloves, hats and scarves. Use larger bins for coats. If you’re storing a fur coat, check with a reputable furrier such as Mano Swartz for complete storing and care. For boots, store a few pair in long bins that will fit under the bed and put the rest in larger bins in a storage unit or hallway closet.
  • Sort – Pull everything out of the closet entirely and organize into groups: trousers, skirts, tops/blouses, blazers/jackets, short day dresses, short evening dresses, long formal dresses, hats & scarves; divide purses into two groups – handbags and clutches.
  • Stash/Trash – Stash items you either wear regularly or those worn for a very special occasion like that long sequined ball gown. Trash all items that have stains, pilling, or have stretched or torn beyond repair. (Consignment stores won’t take these worn items either.) You can donate what you don’t want to keep for a write-off to the Goodwill or The Salvation Army. Remaining items you haven’t worn in the last six months — or same season last year — should be tried on. Afterward, edit!! Decide if you still “love” it, if it’s flattering to your current shape, if you have other clothes to go with it, and, if necessary, if you have the time or energy to “fix” it to make it wearable again. If you have gently worn clothes that you are merely “over” consider donating them to non-profits that supply at-risk or under-served job seekers with interview outfits and work attire such as or Dressed for Success or House of Ruth.  You also may consider donating items such as designer gowns or cocktail dresses you’ve worn a few times to luxury consignment stores such as Love Me Two Times or taking them to a specialty store like Octavia II where you will receive a credit toward a new purchase. For all of you fashionistas who dream of your own boutique and want to have control over your recyclables and make some money from your “trash,” create your own site on Poshmark.com!!

It’s Not About the Wedding, It’s About the Marriage


Dear Whit:

Here’s the problem I hope you can help me with. My fiancée and I are both professionals in our mid-30s and have been planning the wedding (well, she and her mother have been, mostly) that will take place New Year’s. It looks like it’s going to be more expensive than the amount that her father said he would contribute, and now I’m being asked to cut down on the number of people from my side who will attend.  Already her side will have almost twice as many people as mine, so I’m beginning to feel that my family and I don’t matter as much as hers.

When I try to talk to her about it, she says that it’s really “her day” since I don’t care that much about the ritual and the spectacle, and besides, she is the bride, plus her father is paying for it. She’s right that I don’t care about all of that. In fact, I’d rather have a small ceremony with just immediate family instead of all of their relatives, her father’s colleagues, and her mother’s friends from childhood. It feels more like a performance than a ceremony. Before all the wedding stuff started, she says she never got  “all stressed out” over personal matters, and she assures me that she will be all right when “all the craziness is over.”

Should I go ahead and just make the cuts since this whole thing is for her really, or should I offer to contribute so that my friends and my parents’ friends can come?

Crazed by Wedding Stuff

Dear Crazed:

The question of your contributing more money and eliminating guests from you side is really a side issue because the more pressing question is not so much what your wedding is going to look like, as it is what your marriage is going to look like. Is it just “her day,” or is it both of your lives?

Consider this maxim: You never know what anybody is really like until you see that person in a crisis.  You don’t say how long you two have been together. If it’s been a relatively short time, maybe you haven’t yet observed her performing under pressure.  Now, as time is running out before you have to decide on whether to proceed on what is ideally a life-long commitment, consider her usual modus operandi. Think back to memorable times in your relationship, and ask yourself whether making other important decisions makes her unreasonable or irrational.