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The Ravens Are Probably Hanging Out With Barack Obama RIGHT NOW


the_white_house_0Today, the victorious Baltimore Ravens will celebrate their 2013 Super Bowl with a visit to the White House. Does this plus Obama’s congratulatory phone call to coach John Harbaugh mean we can count the president as a Ravens fan?

Is Hillary Clinton O’Malley’s Biggest Obstacle to the Nomination?

via Gawker
via Gawker

As much as Gov. Martin O’Malley tends to inspire a fair amount of discontent in his home state (if my informal but long-running poll of Baltimore Sun and Washington Post commenters can be taken as representative), he is well-poised for the national stage. It’s all in how he frames his political projects, constantly defining state legislation in terms of the destiny of the entire nation. The pending death penalty repeal represents the direction the whole country is moving in; ditto wind energy; ditto gay marriage. The list goes on.

O’Malley Addresses Democratic Voters in Iowa, Pretends It Has Nothing to Do with Presidential Ambitions

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At the Democratic National Convention Gov. Martin O’Malley may have only been the warm up speaker for San Antonio mayor Julián Castro, but at a steakfry in Iowa on Sunday he delivered the keynote address. The spotlight-loving governor claimed to have attended the Democratic senator Tom Harkin’s annual fundraising event to “help the people of Iowa elect a new Democratic governor in 2014.” Right. Or maybe it was the baked beans.

O’Malley Plays Down 2016 Plans, Talks about “Silly Bomb”


Gov. Martin O’Malley held a press briefing on Friday ostensibly to talk about his prospects as the Democratic candidate for president in 2016, but more time was spent discussing the dysfunction within the Deomcratic party that left Maryland with half a budget plan at the end of the legislative session.

O’Malley blamed the budget fail on the “silly bomb”  — a gaming bill — that Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller backed, and which sidetracked the General Assembly.

“There’s this silly bomb that sometimes gets unleashed in the Maryland General Assembly, and when you throw the silly bomb in among the Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly, everyone starts acting silly,” O’Malley said. That’s good; I think I could explain that to my niece.

As for 2016, O’Malley said he wasn’t thinking about it. Instead he was focusing on what needed to be done right now for Maryland.

But of course, as hard as it is to take politicians seriously in general, it’s harder when they may have presidential ambitions. I mean, isn’t “I’m focused on doing what I need to do to get my legislature back on track” exactly what you would say if you were gunning for the White House in four years? No one says, “You bet I’m thinking about it — I stay up at night imagining myself as president. I need to be president, bad, for deeply personal reasons.”

Would Baltimore Survive a Nuclear Attack on D.C.?


While rising ocean levels may flood Charm City, there are some other disasters that we’d have a decent chance of surviving. Like, what if someone detonated a nuclear bomb near the White House? According to a government study, the explosion would destroy everything in a half-mile radius. The flash would be so bright it would blind Beltway drivers. But it wouldn’t be the end of the world — for Baltimore, at least.

The study looked at the impact of a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb, which is big — about 5,000 times bigger than the Oklahoma City bombing’s blast — but not as terrifying as the Cold-War era bombs dropped from the sky. The kind of nuclear weapon you could fit in a van couldn’t produce Hiroshima-level destruction. “If you are thinking about (a city) being wiped off the face of the earth, that’s not what happens,” says Brian Michael Jenkins, a senior advisor to the president of the RAND Corporation. So the White House would be flattened, but the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Washington Monument, and the Pentagon would probably sustain only light damage.

NY Times Stamps O’Malley 2016 Presidential Contender


Any Marylander who visited the New York Times website on Friday afternoon was immediately greeted with a powerful image. Staring out from among five head shots on the homepage’s main-story space, pictured with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton: the handsome mug of Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. 

In an online preview piece that will appear in the opinion pages of the print version of the Sunday Times, the newspaper’s Washington bureau chief, David Leonhardt, ponders the possibilities of who will cadge the Democratic Party’s nomination for President in 2016. O’Malley ranks high on the list. As pungent evidence of O’Malley’s not-so-distant White House ambitions, Leonhardt cites our governor’s shock-and-awe cameo during the run-up to the recent South Carolina Republican presidential primary, wherein MOM pointedly lambasted GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney.

With a mixture of stealth and bravado, O’Malley has been erecting the framework for a 2016 presidential bid, using as platforms both his elective office and his chairmanship of the Democratic Governors Association. In addition to the South Carolina foray, O’Malley, in the past several months, has ventured overseas on a trade mission to India; was stationed in a position of conspicuous prominence directly behind First Lady Michelle Obama during President Obama’s speech before a joint session of Congress on creating jobs; and is openly championing the initiative to sanction same-sex marriage in Maryland. 

No one should commission painting O’Malley’s presidential portrait quite yet, but in Leonhardt’s mind — and the minds of Democratic apparatchiks currently scheming the party’s post-Obama landscape — the governor is ready for his national closeup.