UPDATE: The Dog Poisoner Strikes Again! If You Own a Dog in Hampden, Watch Out

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Terri Galvan says when she went to check on her pit bull Maddie outside of her Hampden home Saturday, she saw a middle-age man walking slowly away and discovered bits of sausages stuffed with Tylenol — poisonous to cats and dogs — strewn about her yard. She doesn’t think Maddie ingested any before she gathered them up.

According to the Baltimore Sun, no other reports of dog-poisoning in the area can be confirmed.

As creepy as a potential roving dog-poisoner is, Galvan’s other claim may be even more disconcerting. She said called 911 on Saturday and again on Sunday, and the police never came. That part of the story police were “not immediately able to confirm” when the Sun contacted them.

But either way, keep an eye on your dogs, Baltimore!

UPDATE: We received an email with the following contents:

I met the brother of the woman whose dog was poisened on Elm Ave last week. He said the dog is still recovering but will be ok. However, there was another attack and unfortunately the man was successful this time. He doused a steak in anti-freeze, threw it over a fence to a dog, the dog ate it and is now dead. Apparently these attacks have been happening for a while now and they believe it to be the same man. Please keep an extra close eye out for anyone suspicious fitting this description: male caucasion, in his 60s or possibly 70s, bald, heavy set. He appears to be targeting pitbull breeds in the Hampden area. Let’s work together and catch this guy so no more neighborhood pets have to suffer from his horrible acts. I cannot fathom how someone can be so cruel. PLEASE SHARE & SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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