The weather might be getting warmer, but it’s time to start thinking about winter break. Why stress over booking hotels or planning tours, when The Associated has put together the prefect trip for you and your family.

Just imagine your winter break in Israel. Rappelling into the Ramon Crater, digging at an ancient archaeological excavation, walking through ancient tunnels in Jerusalem, climbing Masada, floating in the Dead Sea and more.

Read on to learn why Family Mission Co-Chairs, Stacey & Randy Getz and Carol & Robert Keehn, do not want you to miss this opportunity.

Why are you encouraging friends, family and members of the community to go on this trip?

C&R: FUN, FUN and more FUN. Israel is one of the most kid-friendly countries and offers so much for families to do and experience.

S&R: There is nothing better than seeing the country, through the eyes of others, especially our children and first-time visitors. This is a journey of a lifetime that I want my entire community to experience.

What surprised you the most on your last trip to Israel with The Associated?

S&R: At the last minute, we decided to travel with an eight-month-old. Even though, this might have presented a challenge, we did not want to miss the opportunity to build a playground in Ashkelon (Baltimore’s partner city) and see the playground’s dedication. It turned out to be one of the most meaningful experiences in our lives.

C&R: We remember our first trip with The Associated was back in 1983 on a young leadership mission. Each time we return, we are mesmerized by how the land has gotten greener, the culture has evolved, and the food has improved.

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The Associated Contributors are writers from The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.