York Road College Bar Shut Down For Being Too Crazy

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Photo via Baltimore Business Journal
Photo via Baltimore Business Journal

Assault. Sexual assault. Underage drinking. Indecent exposure. Alcohol poisoning. Another assault. More alcohol poisoning. Sound like a fun night to you? Then you will probably be sad to hear that Craig’s, aka Favorites Pub, a popular college drinking destination on York Rd. has been shut down by the city’s liquor board. 

The liquor board was unanimous in their decision to close Craig’s, citing a host of troubling incidents (that list above was not hypothetical!) over the past 12 months, including several instances where underage patrons (sometimes with fake IDs) were served alcohol.

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Loyola students reacted to the news with the kind of mourning that’s usually reserved for close family members. As the Baltimore Business Journal points out, these tweets kinda prove the point that the bar wasn’t a great presence in the neighborhood (unless you were a very drunk college student). Luckily, college students have short memories. I have no doubt they’ll find somewhere else to get wasted pretty soon.

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  1. There is another side to this story that is not being told here. This business owner, an upstanding Baltimore City family man, was targeted unfairly by police and many of the allegations leading to their closure are completely false. He lost his livelihood – I can state from experience that Craig’s was no worse than any other bar in Baltimore City.

    • Sarah… from what’s been written here, and in other places, including tweets from Loyola students, Craigs is MUCH MUCH worse than most bars in the city. You must go to pretty bad bars if Craigs is your benchmark for good bars.

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