This year, The Associated celebrated six leaders who have made an impact on Baltimore’s Jewish community. We spent time with them to find out what it takes to be a leader and where they go from here. 

Here is what some of them had to say:

What makes a good leader? 

Micah Damareck: I believe there are so many different ways to define a good leader, and we all bring different qualities to the various teams we serve. In my opinion, a few common traits include resolve, curiosity, vision (and the ability to clearly share that vision), strategic thinking, great communication and humility.  The list could go on and on! 

Eugene Poverni: I think I lead by example. Nothing I’d ask anyone on my team to do that I am not willing to do myself, and in situations of uncertainty, I am ready to stick my head out on the chopping block and make a decision. If needed, I’ll sweep the floors or pick up the trash at our buildings. Possessing the mentality of ‘do what needs to be done’ is what makes a good leader. 

What is your wish for the Baltimore Jewish community five years from now? And, what role do you see for yourself at that time?  

Chavi AbramsonFive years from now, I would love to see a more active and cohesive Jewish community among the diverse Jewish population, and not just in times of crisis (when we’re very good at coming together!). hope to encourage more members of the Orthodox community to become involved in The Associated and to appreciate the extensive involvement that The Associated has in many aspects of our lives. 

Katie Fink: I recently traveled to Lisbon, Portugal, where I met with leadership at Synagogue Ohel Jacob, a small shul dating back to the end of World War I. The volunteer leadership there emphasized the importance of Jewish oneness and unity regardless of identity or background. I hope to see a Baltimore Jewish community that similarly focuses on oneness and unity.  

I hope to continue to be an advocate for the Baltimore Jewish community as well as global Jewish responsibility. 

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The Associated Contributors

The Associated Contributors are writers from The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.