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Baltimore’s Confederate Monuments Were Controversial in 1880, Too

Confederate Women of Maryland monument, one of several Confederate symbols in Baltimore.
Confederate Women of Maryland monument, one of several Confederate symbols in Baltimore.

Throwback Thursday highlights past stories that are relevant again.

Originally published July 22, 2015 – Baltimore finds itself wrestling over whether to keep its Confederate monuments which are widely seen as tributes to a racist legacy. You may be interested to know that Baltimoreans hemmed and hawed over them when they were first proposed, though for different reasons.

Elijah Cummings Staffer Injured in Fire That Killed 6 of Her Children

Rep. Elijah Cummings issued a statement regarding the tragedy.

Katie Malone, a longtime member of Rep. Elijah Cummings’s staff and north Baltimore resident, lost six of her nine children in a house fire late Wednesday night that left her and her three other children hospitalized.

Ben Carson Makes an Odd Promise at His Confirmation Hearing

Courtesy Fox News

If Ben Carson is confirmed as the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, his decisions could have a large effect on Baltimore, where somewhere around 27,000 families rely on HUD. Should we be worried about a strange promise he made at his Senate confirmation hearing?

The New Port Covington Bike Path Will Glow in the Dark


Sagamore Development has begun construction of a bike path through Port Covington “connecting South Baltimore, City Garage and West Covington Park to points east of Hanover and eventually to Key Highway.” And it’s going to glow.

Soon Some Baltimore Drug Offenders Will Be Offered a Choice

Photo via National Geographic

Baltimore police officers will soon be offering low-level drug offenders the option to seek treatment rather than face jail time.

It Turns Out That Baltimore Police Detective Accidentally Shot Himself



When a plain-clothes Baltimore police detective was shot in the wrist while investigating a carjacking Wednesday night, police originally thought one of the suspects had shot him. Now they say he shot himself.

Baltimore Police Officer Shot While Investigating a Car Jacking



A plain-clothes Baltimore police detective was shot after tracking a vehicle stolen in Federal Hill.

Hogan Makes It Even Harder for Md. Schools to Open Before Labor Day


Larry Hogan at State of the State

After the Maryland state school board began issuing exemptions from Gov. Larry Hogan’s executive order mandating that school systems begin classes after Labor Day, Hogan issued another one.