City agrees to pay $185K to woman who fell through water meter vault, breaking foot

Photo by Jeff Kramer, via Flickr

A New York woman is set to receive a settlement years after suing the city for a broken foot she sustained falling through a water meter vault in Belair-Edison, requiring multiple surgeries and more than $100,000 in medical bills.

Event Pick: Learn about the black cemetery unearthed beneath a Belair-Edison shopping center

Image via Gray’s new map of Baltimore (1876)/Public Domain

Would you ever guess that your neighborhood shopping center had been built atop a historic black burial ground? That’s just what happened in the case of the Belair Edison Crossing strip mall, where University of Baltimore anthropology professor Ronald Costanzo in 2015 discovered a white tombstone poking through a parking lot.

Event Pick: Yapoma, a local craft bazaar, opens its pop-up store in Belair-Edison

Image via Facebook

Baltimore-based online craft bazaar Yapoma is moving from the virtual realm to a brick-and-mortar one—for the summer, at least.