Medical Marijuana Inches Closer to Reality in Maryland

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Marylanders with anxiety, glaucoma, or chronic pain may be able to get medical marijuana as soon as next year, as the state slowly continues to work through all the obligatory bureaucratic red tape.

In last year’s legislative session, lawmakers voted to expand the state’s medical marijuana program; since then, the state has been trying to figure out just how to put a program into practice. This week, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission announced some answers: Initially, there will be 15 two-year licenses to grow marijuana, two dispensary licenses per senatorial district, and an unlimited number of licenses for processors. Those licenses will come at a steep cost: $125,000 for growers and $40,000 for dispensaries. Doctors will have to register with the state to order referrals to a dispensary.

If you have any feelings about any of this, we’re in the middle of the MMCC’s 30-day comment period — so feel free to let your sentiments be known.

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  1. I am a physician who does not charge for care and advice. i am interested in being able to prescribe marijuana for hospice type patients who I know and I will not charge fees for this service.
    For someone like me , it is important that there be no fees for physician prescribers.
    This drug seems of limited use, but can really help some patients.

    doug carroll, MD

    • Hi Dr. Carroll,
      I am part of a group that will be engaging in this industry in Maryland. Part of our mission is to educate patients and physicians on proper treatements and products.
      I would love to discuss with you or anyone else.
      I can be reached at [email protected]

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