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BWI to Set up Designated Zones for Lyft and Uber, Add $2.50 Fee per Ride

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The drop-off and pick-up cab lanes at BWI are about to get a little more organized, though at a cost to ride-hailing app users.

More than 600 Flights Cancelled at BWI Tonight, Tuesday Ahead of Winter Storm Stella


If you or anyone you know plans to fly out of BWI-Thurgood Marshall Airport tonight or on Tuesday, it may be worth finding other shelter and giving the airline a call.

Confused Yet? Record High Set at BWI, with Snow Forecast to Fall Tomorrow

An outdoor thermometer showing today’s record high temperature.

Did today feel historically warm for early February to you? If so, you were on to something.

Thousands Protest Trump’s Immigration Order at BWI on Sunday Night

Courtesy Sen. Chris Van Hollen/Facebook

Marylanders filled Baltimore-Washington International Airport to the brim last night as they showed both their support for immigrants and foreign-born U.S. citizens and their contempt for President Donald Trump’s newest executive order.

TSA Caught More People Trying to Sneak Guns Onto BWI Flights in 2016


Something changed last year at BWI Airport: Transportation Security Administration officers either became more skilled at finding guns illegally stowed in carry-on bags, or more people concluded that, yes, it was a good idea to try to carry a gun onto a plane.

BWI Airport is Trying to Make Holiday Travel Less of a Drag


Being stuck in a crowded airport and waiting in line ahead of Christmas can easily sap a traveler’s holiday spirit reserves. Luckily for anyone who will be at BWI Airport this week, there’ll be plenty of holiday cheer in the air.

Am I Ignorant? I Didn’t Even Know ‘Bird Strikes’ Were a Thing




There’s an article on ABC2’s website about a Baltimore-bound flight that was forced to do a 180 and return to Nashville “after a series of bird strikes threatened the safety of those onboard the plane.” Then the article continues to use the term “bird strike” like I’m supposed to have already known what heck that is.

The safety of commercial jet passengers is threatened by a few measly birds?! Is that really something that everyone besides me has known all along?!

Ohio Forced to Recognize Marriage of Gay Couple Wed at BWI, For Now



On July 11, Cincinnati couple Jim Obergefell and John Arthur flew out of their home state of Ohio (where same-sex marriage is banned by constitutional amendment), touched down at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, and were wed inside of their chartered plane. Their story has been made especially compelling by Arthur’s diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a terminal disease.

Not two weeks have passed, and the two are making headlines again, as they have brought a lawsuit against Ohio to force the state to recognize their Maryland marriage. Citing Ohio’s record of recognizing out-of-state marriages between first cousins and minors (both of which are illegal there), U.S. District Judge Timothy S. Black ruled in favor of Obergefell and Arthur. The immediate practical implication is that Arthur’s death certificate will list him as married, and Obergefell will be named as his surviving spouse.