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Reset, Release, Transform: Dr. Emily’s Fall Detox Registration Ends Thursday, Oct. 13th


It is time to feel better. Plain and simple. Clinging to coffee, sugar and chocolate may get your through the day, but they are a temporary fixes for deeper discomforts. Fatigue. Anxiety. Insomnia. Constipation. Cravings. Ringing any bells?

Artifact Coffee Eyeing Second Location in Charles Village

Artifact Coffee. Photo by Ed Gunts.
Artifact Coffee. Photo by Ed Gunts.

Artifact Coffee of Hampden, one of the restaurants in Spike Gjerde’s Foodshed family, is in talks to open a second location in Charles Village.

Home Coffee Workshop at Artifact



catch of the day fish (2)First, we all had the classic Mr.Coffee drip machine. Then, the more sophisticated of us upgraded to French press. A few holdovers stuck with their grandmothers’ percolators. Meanwhile, home espresso machines totally became a thing– followed by two opposite ends of the spectrum: the Keurig and the pour over. And where does that leave us we now? Well, mostly just ordering our usual at the coffee shop, rather than trying to figure out how we should be making our coffee ourselves. But thankfully, there are people out there who’ve got it all figured out. And they’re not just keeping it to themselves. Artifact’s Coffee Director David Anderson will be sharing all his tips and tricks this week for making the perfect cup of coffee at home.

Leanspace Solutions: A Clean, Quiet Place to Work



Saturday, June 7th

10am – Noon

Stop by & see how it suits you!


From the LeanSpace website:

Step out of the coffee shops and hotel lobbies into our professional space.

Whether you are a start-up of one or ten, or part of a larger organization, in need of work or meeting space, we provide more services than your neighborhood cafe or coffee shop. In fact, you can enjoy free WiFi, free coffee or tea, free scanning, and free outbound domestic faxes with most bookings.*  Unlike the public spaces you’ve been helicoptering through, Leanspace provides a clean, quiet place to work. Our urban storefront, in a beautiful mixed-use neighborhood in Baltimore, MD, is fully equipped to provide much of the support and amenities you need to help you conduct your business. Stay tuned for additional sites for LEANSPACE Solutions in the city in the near future.


LeanSpace is now on Facebook!  Please ‘Like’ us to stay informed of our open houses and news.  Click here

Yes, You Can Be Addicted to Coffee, Johns Hopkins Says

Photo via needcaffeine.com
Photo via needcaffeine.com

I was sipping on a giant mug of warm, delicious coffee as I read this recent story about Johns Hopkins research on caffeine addiction. And then I felt kind of guilty. And then I poured myself another cup.

But at least I’m not alone; according to researchers, “caffeine is the most commonly used drug in the world,” consumed by 90 percent (!) of U.S. adults on a regular basis. Which is okay… up to a point.

Coffee Makes You Smarter, Johns Hopkins Says



Want an excuse to step away from your desk and grab a Diet Coke/cup of tea/soy latte? Well, here’s a good one:  According to recent research from Johns Hopkins, caffeine helps enhance long-term memory.

Be Disloyal and Support Baltimore’s High Quality Coffee Scene



Loyalty cards and loyalty programs encourage customers to keep coming back to the same store in hopes of gaining perks or discounts or some other amorphous reward. But what do you do when you don’t want customers to return to the same places again and again — when, in contrast, you want them to find entirely new places to explore? Why, you give them a disloyalty card, of course!

Charm City Cook: Ooh La La! New Hampden Restaurant



I was hoping to make a trip to Paris this year (my best friend lives there…she’s a lucky girl) but sadly, it’s not in the cards right now. But now I can go to Hampden’s newest cafe and pretend.


Susannah Siger of Ma Petite Shoe has opened a lovely little cafe right next door to her fabulous shop that sells gorgeous shoes and chocolates…and a certain salted caramel brownie. They have delicious coffee drinks, pastries and more. Soon they’ll have crepes, too – stay tuned Ma Petite Shoe’s Facebook page for updates. For now, stop by and you’ll be greeted by their friendly staff and they’ll guide you to your perfect coffee drink. They whipped me up a salted caramel latte…it was a little crazy…did the barista know that I’m the brownie baker?? I also picked up some housemade salads (the broccoli salad is amazing – ate that in about five minutes. Susannah also pointed out that the roasted sweet potato salad uses potatoes from Friends and Farms. I love it.


Ooh la la – what a great little spot. I LOVE MY HOOD.





























Read more at Charm City Cook

Updated May 22, 2013 at 7:09 a.m.


Stone Mill Bakery Opening Second Cafe at Stevenson Village


Courtesy Bmore Media – For many years, Stone Mill Bakery co-owner Alfie Himmelrich has admired Stevenson Village, the small, upscale shopping center nestled among the farmland in Baltimore County’s Greenspring Valley.