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Virginia Tries to Take Credit for Maryland Crabs


fried crab

Last week, Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe told a radio interviewer that most so-called Maryland crabs are actually born in Virginia. “So really,” he said, :they should be Virginia crabs.” The nerve!

More Food Trucks for East Baltimore



If you’re in East Baltimore around lunchtime and you find yourself craving burgers, barbecue, or samosas, you’re in luck: There’s a new food truck hub in town.

One in Four Baltimoreans Lives in a Food Desert

Food access map of Baltimore, with food deserts indicated in red. Map via mdfoodsystemmap.org
Food access map of Baltimore, with food deserts indicated in red. Map via mdfoodsystemmap.org

According to the USDA, a food desert is a place where residents don’t have access to fresh, healthy foods. Food deserts lack farmer’s markets and good grocery stores; instead, they have fast food, poorly stocked corner stores, and few options.

Burger King Tests New Fast Food Options in Maryland



Been craving a corn dog from Burger King? Me neither. But in the off chance you were, today is your lucky day: The fast food chain is testing out two new options, grilled hot dogs and corn dogs.

Cafe Cito in Hampden



catch of the day fish (2)Cafe Cito has been open for a couple of months now, but it’s hard to keep up with every gastronomic addition to Hampden. Every new cafe or restaurant in the neighborhood brings so much to the table (no pun intended), and the bar just keeps getting raised. Maybe that’s why it took us a minute to discover how absolutely awesome Cafe Cito is. Admittedly, we spent a month or two thinking, “really, another cafe right here? Is it going to really be that different from everything else we’ve got?” The answer: yes. It is different, and it is very,very good.

Kinderhook Brings Snacking at Work to Whole New Level



About two years ago, I started seeing Kinderhook Snacks popping up at some of my favorite spots like The Wine Source, Atwater’s, Trohv, Grand Cru and more. I was intrigued…and one bite into one of their triple ginger cookies, I was done. Done. And the salted chocolate chip cookies. And the cheese stamps. And chocolate chili cookies. I had to meet the people who make this ridiculousness.

Chipotle Moves In Next to Camden Yards

Photo via imgur
Photo via imgur

Do you like burritos and baseball? If so, you’re in luck.

Johns Hopkins Upgrades its Cafeteria Food



Two year ago, the Daily Meal decided that Johns Hopkins had the 42nd best on-campus food in the country. Last year, the school had skyrocketed up the rankings to #2. But the university is not satisfied with being second best.

The Gift: Six Bottle Set from E.N. Olivier


E.N. Olivier

What it is: E.N. Olivier (voted Baltimore’s best spot for food gifts, didn’t you know) calls this sampler pack “the gateway to the store.” If you didn’t know how much variety (and flavor) you can get from olive oils and balsamic vinegars, this is a great way to get educated (and wowed) real quick. It includes bottles each of the shop’s most popular extra-virgin olive oils, infused olive oils, and balsamic vinegars. $35.

Who it’s perfect for:

Mom and/or Dad: Sometimes, buying a gift for your parents can seem a little ridiculous. They’re adults. Don’t they already know what they like and manage to find it for themselves? Plus, many empty-nesters move into smaller homes when they retire, and have less space for stuff they don’t really need. So a consumable gift is the perfect thing. And while they may already know plenty about the anti-aging properties of good olive oil, they may have never experienced such awesome varieties of the stuff.

Co-Worker on a Health Kick: So you’ve got to give a gift to someone you don’t know that well. But one thing you do know is that they’re working hard to get or stay in shape, or to generally improve their health. It’s pretty obvious, since they turn their nose up at the donuts your boss brought in, and have started packing their lunch from home. This gift says that you’ve noticed, you’re supportive, and that you also have excellent taste.

The Six Bottle Sampler is available from E.N. Olivier (1407 Clarkview Rd. Suite 300 in Baltimore). For more information, visit www.enolivier.com.





Diablo Doughnuts



catch of the day fish (2)Here’s yet another example of Baltimore’s increasing epicurean-ness. We’ve got a seriously gourmet old fashioned (yet hip) doughnut shop. We used to have to travel either up or down I-95 for a crazy-flavored doughnut (you know, something like maple & bacon, jalepeno-lime, or fruity pebbles). But no longer. Diablo Doughnuts have been cranking out hot, fresh, and thoughtfully flavored doughnuts for over a year now from deep in the heart of Towson (who knew, right?).