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Finding Balance, Reducing Stress with Tension Release Exercise

TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercise)
TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercise)

There is little denying that Americans on the whole lead pretty stressed-out lives. Not surprisingly, finances and health issues top the stressor list. It makes sense that as our Western ways dial-up stress levels, the popularity of Eastern practices like yoga, massage and meditation is rising quickly.  Non-traditional practices offer several key benefits – people can practice in the comfort of one’s home and you don’t require a pricey professional.

If you’re seeking stress relief you may be interested in the Tension Release Exercise (TRE) method. Taught to over 1 million people worldwide, this simple set of six exercises taps into the mind-body connection that empowers people to reduce stress and find inner balance.

This Is Your Brain on Insomnia



Last night was one of those miserable toss-and-turn insomnia nights for me. And it was miserable. Somewhere in the midst of my sleepless misery, I started to wonder what the inside of my brain looked like. (I imagined lots of small firecrackers flicking on and off, with a low, irritating whine going constantly in the background. What can I say? I was very sleep-deprived.)

It’s almost as if Johns Hopkins researchers read my tired mind: According to research published in the March issue of the journal Sleep, they’ve figured out what makes the brains of chronic insomniacs so special, and it turns out I wasn’t that far off.

Staying Home: The World’s Most Awesome Dad Questions His Existence


MrMom-Still3I had the good fortune of knowing I was going to be an awesome dad years before I inseminated my wife. I was director of a day camp for 10 years, the kids loved me, and I even look like Steve from “Blue’s Clues.” “You’re going to be an awesome dad,” the parents would tell me daily, and not just the single moms trying to get a piece of this. And by “this,” I of course mean free daycare. So inseminating my wife was a mere formality in collecting my prize as the World’s Most Awesome Dad.

This Week in Research: Ending the Calorie Count; Insomnia is Unhealthy



In the fight against obesity, many cities and states have begun asking restaurants to prominently post the calorie count of each menu item. The idea is that once you know how many calories are in that order super-size fries, you’ll think twice about scarfing them down. But, according to two Johns Hopkins public health researchers, calorie-posting doesn’t actually do that much — and so they’ve come up with a better way.

Make Room for Mommy: This Double Shift Never Ends


Blogger and mom Rachel Doyle says she spends most of her waking life parenting her toddler and keeping her pets alive. In this week’s creative nonfiction offering, Rachel shares two funny stories from the sleep-deprived pet-and-baby survival files. 



“I WILL sleep tonight!” My overly loud proclamation practically echoes off the bedroom walls. I glare ominously at each of my three bedmates in turn. Several consecutive nights of broken, restless sleep have left me at the end of my emotional rope.

“Sorry,” whispers The Snorer.

“I know you are,” I sigh. I pat his shoulder half-heartedly.

“I no kick,” states The Kicker as she elbows both her father and me in the ribs trying desperately to wriggle down in between us.

The Farter doesn’t speak, but her belly rumbles loudly. A portent of ill winds to blow.

“I no wanna kick,” states The Kicker again. I’d believe her, but she elbowed me in the boob and stole half of my blankets as she said it. She is burrowing frantically in the belief that if she can establish a beachhead in the next five seconds, she’ll be allowed to stay. She wants to stay. She has no desire to spend the night in her own bed. The one where she can kick, thrash, moan and burrow with unimpeded impunity. No, she’d much rather be with us…kicking.

I sigh again — the martyr — and grudgingly grant her an inch or two. She smiles and arranges my share of the blankets over herself. I turn off the light and pretend to relax.

The Snorer starts in, and The Kicker sucks energetically on her thumb. I whisper “I’ll be back soon” to the one who’s awake, and move to stand. Before my feet hit the floor, she has co-opted my pillow. “Is nice for me,” she states without apology.