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Orioles’ Buck Showalter Loses AL Manager of the Year by 1 Vote


buck-showalterAs injury and Adderall claimed Orioles stars during the 2014 season, Buck Showalter assumed the bulk of the credit for keeping his team on a roll toward the squad’s first AL East division title since 1997. But, by the slimmest of margins, the manager’s efforts weren’t enough to give him the Sporting News’ AL Manager of the Year award.

Orioles Go Up 2-0 in ALDS After Another Crazy 8th

And the crowd goes wild. (photo via Orioles)
And the crowd goes wild. (photo via Orioles)

Every playoff run needs a lucky number. For the Baltimore Orioles, 8 is shaping up as a good candidate. In Game 2 of the ALDS, the Oriole bats once again came alive in the 8th inning, and the Detriot Tigers’ bullpen self-destructed. By the end, four runs were across the plate, and a three run deficit was wiped away.

Orioles playoff tickets sell out in 15 minutes



As hot tickets go, the O’s weren’t quite as fast as the Monty Python reunion, but still turned in a box office bonanza that bested Paul McCartney in Minneapolis and The Great American Beer Festival. By 10:15 a.m. Monday, the last batch of Orioles playoff tickets for the first two games of the team’s American League Division Series were all out of officially-sanctioned hands.

The Orioles’ “O’s” Logo Is Messed Up and the Team Knows It



Take a good, close look at the Baltimore Orioles’ alternate cap logo. You might notice that the apostrophe (besides being technically unnecessary) is upside down! And this bizarre snafu cost the otherwise very smartly dressed team some position in ESPN’s MLB Uni Watch Power Rankings, in which they placed ninth. The punctuation fail even elicited a “grrr” from ESPN writer Paul Lukas.

Orioles’ Brian Roberts is No. 8 On Forbes List of Highest-Paid Bench Warmers

Brian Roberts

Courtesy Citybizlist – Philadelphia Phillies’ Chase Utley is the best-paid bench warmer of 2013, according to an analysis by Forbes.

On a seven-year, $85 million contract extension, the Phillies second baseman has suffered injuries that have kept him out of more than 200 games since the beginning of the 2010 season, all the while collecting some $60 million, making him sports’ best-paid bench warmer, the report said.

Kids Like the Orioles Again; Merchandise Sales Go Way Up


Baltimore Orioles Lower Boxes

All it took was one stellar season and young sports fans who were born when the Orioles’ 14-year slump was already well underway are flocking to the team, according Baltimore Business Journal. Kids are getting even psyched about Opening Day and asking for their parents for caps and jerseys.