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National Aquarium Announces Birth of Two Puffin Chicks

The National Aquarium has has welcome two new puffin chicks to its Sea Cliffs exhibit. Courtesy of the National Aquarium.
The National Aquarium has welcomed two new puffin chicks to its Sea Cliffs exhibit. Courtesy of the National Aquarium

The new puffin chick, Ziti, whose name was inspired by the pasta, is the second chick to parents Viggo and Staypuft. The chick’s older sibling, Penne, was born last July. Ziti hatched on July 5 after an incubation period of 38 days.

Shark Week Brings Sightings, Both Live and Onscreen


shark greatwhitecatch of the day fish (2)Shark Week started as a TV ratings play that also happened to raise fears just in time for viewers to head to the beach. This year in Maryland, Ocean City-goers have their own stories to tell.

National Aquarium’s 48 Days of Blue Challenge Looks to Make Every Day Earth Day


In New York City today, representatives from over 170 countries will sign the Paris Agreement on climate change.  Each country agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. That’s good because 2015 was the hottest on record. In February 2016, the global temp rise was hit 1.35 degrees Celsius.

Aquarium, Enoch Pratt Free Library Team Up for Reading


National Aquarium Pier 4We’ve seen slogans and, more recently, big book donations from outside Baltimore urging kids to keep reading. On Monday, two of the city’s big institutions booked their support.

National Aquarium’s New Baby Turtle Has a Name


turtleloggerA few weeks ago, the National Aquarium turned to crowdsourcing in search of a name for a baby loggerhead turtle. After more than 20,000 entries and 2,000 votes, the winner has been selected.

National Aquarium Wants to Bring Nature Back to Inner Harbor

unnamed (2)
Rendering courtesy National Aquarium/Ayers Saint Gross

The National Aquarium’s location right on the harbor has always been fitting for an institution dedicated to marine life. Over the next three years, the Aquarium plans to create a new “environmental district” that makes Inner Harbor itself a connecting point to the natural world.

Help Name a Baby Turtle at the National Aquarium


turtleloggerWhen it comes to naming a new baby turtle, the National Aquarium staff isn’t staying in its shell.

Python Scooped Up By Inner Harbor Water Wheel

Python, post Water Wheel (photo: Waterfront Partnership)

The giant, solar-powered water wheel in Inner Harbor is designed to collect trash. But you never what it’s going to turn up. After last night’s thunderstorm, staffers found a python looking to dry out.

Manatee Takes Summer Trip to Maryland

Maryland's manatee (photo by Brian Swan)
Maryland’s manatee (photo by Brian Swan)

Manatee sightings are usually the stuff of summer vacations in Florida, but water watchers in Waldorf, Md. got a rare glimpse of the gentle marine mammal experiencing a bit of Pleasant Living.

It’s a Shark Week Feeding Frenzy at The National Aquarium

Aquarium sharks
Aquarium sharks

catch of the day fish (2)With a hammerhead descending upon Ocean City and eight shark attacks in Carolina, every week seems to be Shark Week for beachgoers this summer. But this week is really Shark Week, as designated by cable TV.