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    Little Characters Search Gallery

    Michael, 4, Belair
    Michael, 4, Bel Air

    Take a peek at the pictures and see who would be your choice if you could cast a vote before the real  panelists — Maria Dennis, show host on radio station 106.5, Hillary Geisbert, style editor at Baltimore magazine, and Janelle Diamond, Editor at Baltimore Bride — take over.

    The Happy Hatter of Waverly

    Clyde on Main Street Hats
    Clyde Davis-El of Main Street Hats

    Courtesy What Weekly – In the world of fashion there are many different pieces to the wardrobe and most people of style have the basics covered.  Casual, formal, and professional looks each have their place. There is always room to improve the quality of your ensemble, however, with the tasteful addition of a timeless, functional and fashionable hat.

    For hat expertise, I turn to Clyde M. Davis-El, Jr. of Main Street Hats at Greenmount Ave. and Thirty-First Street in Waverly. Clyde provided dozens of hats (an entire van full, to be exact) to complete the looks at the Delta Sigma Theta centennial celebration fashion show at the DC convention center a few months back. He makes sure that anyone in need of a hat for any occasion is well equipped.


    I paid Clyde a visit to learn a little more about hats. My knowledge extended to only a few types like the Fedora, the Porkpie, and the Hamburg. At his shop, he met me with a genuine smile and the kind of laugh that could easily defuse a bad day.

    Pigtown Design: Baltimore Bits and Pieces


    Scattered around some of Baltimore’s older neighborhoods, there are about 200 houses designed by the architectural firm, Palmer & Lamdin. These houses are noticeable for their wonderful and sometimes quirky details. They’re loosely based on English cottages, or what everyone’s ideal of an English cottage is. When you see new faux English homes, this is what they’re trying to be.

    These Palmer-Lamdin houses don’t come on the market very often – the people who live in them, love them, and never want to leave.

    Several people arrived at the brokers open (two days ago) with contracts in hand!

    Spring Trends for Kids: Advice from Wee Chic

    Wee Chic 6
    Children’s clothing from Tea Collection, T-Shirt $20

    Well, winter storm or no, spring break is just around the corner. Which means that spring proper should be following soon (we hope). With the kids home from school for a week and the seasons beginning to change, spring break means spring shopping for many parents. It’s like back-to-school’s half birthday (if that make sense to anyone else).

    So, who better to give us the scoop on trends for the younger set (or youngest, as the case may be) than Bridget Quinn Stickline? The owner of Wee Chic Boutique — Baltimore’s fab place for children’s clothing– answered all of our burning questions (and more) about children’s fashion, spring trends, and why you should take your child with you when you shop for them (gasp–we, know).

    Wee Chic 2
    Dress available exclusively at Wee Chic in Baltimore, $96

    Pigtown Design: Calendar Girl


    This time of year usually involves the careful selection of a calendar to hang above my desk in the kitchen. This past year, I’ve had a gorgeous one fromCavellini & Co. in San Francisco.image

    Baltimore Tattoo Studio Named Among “50 Coolest New Businesses in America”



    Courtesy Citybizlist – Brightside, a fashion boutique and tattoo art studio in Baltimore, is among “The 50 Coolest New Businesses in America,” according to a listing by Business Insider.

    Menswear with a Feminine Touch


    sart balt dec 2012 7

    Aysia Stieb, 18, From San Francisco

    At Artifact Coffee

    Hi. Are you a student?
    Aysia : I’m studying photography.

    Green Spring Station Shop Crawl Wednesday Night!


    You’re invited to Green Spring Station’s and Baltimore magazine’s VIP Shop Crawl – a complimentary event that combines neighborhood shopping, exclusive sales, champagne, gift bags (for the first 100 only),  in-store raffle items, and, of course, you and your fabulous friends! End your evening at Tark’s Grill with food and drink specials!

    Green Spring Station

    Wednesday, December 5, 6-9 PM

    View the Green Spring Station Gift Guide to see what you’ll find at the shop crawl.

    From Hair to There

    Euhnee Kim, 38. Photos by Lee Kriel.