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Philly Cop Indicted in Racketeering Investigation of BPD Gun Unit


Baltimore’s infamous Gun Trace Task Force was facilitating drug trafficking across state lines, according to a newly unsealed federal indictment.

Send the Kids on an Adventure with Tripster


Kids at the Franklin Institute

catch of the day fish (2)Kids jump for joy when school is out for a day, a week, or even three long months. But parents are sometimes less enthused. You can’t make everyday “Take Your Child to Work Day,” nor, really, would most of us want to. But the kids need something to do, and isn’t it better for everyone if they get to spend the day doing something social, enriching, potentially educational, and most of all, fun? That’s the idea behind Tripster– the awesome service we can’t believe no one invented sooner. Think of Tripster as basically the coolest, most fun baby-sitter/extended-family-member/youth-group/field-trip-organizer ever. Because that’s pretty much how they operate. Bottom line: you need somewhere for the kids to go when school is out for the day, and Tripster has the solution.

Brave/Foolhardy Soul Carjacks Ravens Player in Philadelphia

That's Pierce in the air -- which begs the question, Why didn't he just jump over the gunman?
That’s Pierce in the air — which begs the question, Why didn’t he just jump over the gunman?

If I ever decided to turn to a life of crime, I imagine that I’d make a point to avoid targeting professional football players. Sure, they’re rich — but they’re also big, and very good at knocking people down. Those concerns apparently didn’t stop a man from carjacking Ravens running back Bernard Pierce in Philadelphia on Sunday night.

Baltimore No Longer Number One on My Personal List of Least Favorite Parking Cities!


Wanna hear about my first world problem?

I love Philadelphia. The music and poetry scenes, the food, the people: all great. Great, great, great! But their parking signs are downright devious. I know I complained recently about Baltimore’s Muni-Meters. I take it back. Philadelphia’s are far worse.

Last night a friend and I drove to Philadelphia for a poetry reading. And we hunted for parking. (I know — this part of the story is boring, just wait!) We found a three-hour spot and parked. We came back to the car and found a parking ticket. Gasp! Unbeknownst to us, we were in a pay spot!

The sign we parked at was very similar to, but not exactly like, the sign pictured above — there was no handicap parking, so the information on the left took up the majority of the sign.

Now, you might look at this sign and say, “But Bob, it says you have to pay right at the bottom.” Well to you I would say, I didn’t read all the way to the bottom. I stopped at “3 HOUR PARKING / 4- 10 PM / MON – FRI!” I assumed that stupid writing at the stupid bottom said something like, “PHILADELPHIA PARKING AUTHORITY” or “GO EAGLES!” or “BE SURE TO TRY A CHEESESTEAK WHILE YOU’RE IN TOWN.” (And by the way, the perspective on this photograph exaggerates the relative size of those words.)

Where I’m from, we don’t pack a filibuster-length list of information on a sign and then hide the most important bit at the end. We just write “PAY TO PARK!”